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Statutory Committees

Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee - KRS Chapter 13A

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  • Subcommittee meets monthly to review regulations proposed by administrative bodies
  • After review by the subcommittee, LRC refers proposed regulations to an appropriate interim joint committee for further review.

Capital Planning Advisory Board - KRS Chapter 7A

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  • Board consists of sixteen members, representing all three branches of state government.
  • Board is required to create a six-year comprehensive statewide capital improvements plan, encompassing all state agencies and universities, to be submitted to the heads of the three branches - the Governor, the Chief Justice, and the Legislative Research Commission - by November of each odd-numbered year.
  • The Statewide Capital Improvements Plan is used in the subsequent budget process and the regular legislative session.

Capital Projects and Bond Oversight Committee - KRS 45.790

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  • The Committee is authorized to meet monthly, or more often if necessary, to monitor expenditures for capital construction and review bond projects proposed by state agencies.
  • To accomplish its work the Committee reviews records provided by the Finance and Administration Cabinet of amounts spent and transferred on capital construction projects and reports any changes in projects to the General Assembly.
  • It also reviews both proposed bond projects and yearly reports on agency bond indebtedness.
  • The Committee can make recommendations on bond projects to the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, who in turn can cancel, revise or proceed with projects.
  • The Committee's findings and recommendations on bond indebtedness are transmitted to the appropriate interim joint committee or the General Assembly when in session.

Education Assessment & Accountability Review Subcommittee - KRS 158.647 & 158.6471

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  • Subcommittee is authorized to monitor Administrative Regulations proposed by the state Board of Education and other agencies relating to student performance testing.
  • To accomplish its work the Subcommittee reviews proposed testing instruments and procedures which make up the state assessment program for public school pupils.

Government Contract Review Committee - KRS 45A.690 to 45A.725

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  • The Committee meets monthly to review proposed personal service contracts, price contracts for personal services, and memoranda of agreement; to examine the need for the service, whether the service can be performed by state personnel, the amount and duration of the contract, and the appropriateness of any exchange of resources or responsibilities.
  • If there are objections to a proposed contract, the Committee returns the contract with its objections to the contracting agency, which must respond within 10 days.
  • If the objections cannot be resolved, the Committee may file a copy of the contract and its objections with the clerks of the House and Senate for whatever action the General Assembly deems appropriate.

Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee - KRS 6.940 to 6.948

  • Committee homepage
  • The Committee is directed to meet at least 4 times annually.
  • The Committee is authorized to oversee implementation of Medicaid within the Commonwealth.
  • To accomplish its work the Committee reviews access to services, utilization of services, and quality of services, while focusing on cost containment.

Program Review and Investigations Committee - KRS 6.900 to 6.935

  • Committee homepage
  • The Committee makes performance reviews of the operations of state agencies to ascertain the appropriate expenditure of funds and the effectiveness of programs.
  • The Committee conducts special studies as directed by the General Assembly and issues reports of its findings to the state agency involved and the General Assembly.
  • To accomplish its work, the committee has the power to subpoena witnesses and documents and to require testimony under oath.

Public Pension Oversight Board - KRS 7A.200 to 7A.260

  • Committee homepage
  • The Board assists the General Assembly with its review, analysis, and oversight of the administration, benefits, investments, funding, laws and administrative regulations, and legislation pertaining to the state-administered retirement systems.
  • The Board prepares an annual report covering the its evaluation and recommendations with respect to the operations of the state-administered retirement systems.

Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee - 2000 HB 611

  • Committee homepage
  • The Committee shall review each project submitted to the Agriculture Development Board for funding from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, and provide findings to LRC.
  • The Committee is required to publish an annual report.

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