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BR 350 - P. Moffett

     AN ACT raising revenue for pensions, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
     Amend KRS 243.884 to increase the wholesale sales tax rate for beer, wine, and distilled spirits to 14 percent; amend KRS 243.890 to conform; create a new section of KRS Chapter 42 to establish the underfunded pension trust fund to fund pension plans; create a new section of KRS Chapter 243 to forbid local governments from imposing a regulatory license fee on the sale of alcoholic beverages; amend KRS 242.1292 to conform; amend KRS 244.440 to require that every distiller, rectifier, winery, and nonresident wholesaler make its brands available to any wholesaler and not grant the distributing rights of any particular brand to only one wholesaler exclusively; amend KRS 243.170 to require that alcohol wholesalers make deliveries to retailers on a timely basis and no later than one week after the order date; amend KRS 243.180 to require that alcohol distributors make deliveries to retailers on a timely basis and no later than one week after the order date; amend KRS 243.200 to permit a quota retail package licensee or a nonquota malt beverage package licensee to transport alcoholic beverages between stores of common ownership if the licensee derives not less than 90 percent of his or her cash receipts from the sale of alcohol and pays the annual license fee; amend KRS 243.030 to create the supplemental transporter's license and establish a $100 annual fee; amend KRS 244.040 to allow a brewer or distributor to extend credit on malt beverages sold to retailers for up to 30 days; create a new section of KRS Chapter 81A to allow standing to any person who owns property in a territory to file suit against a city that annexes any territory; amend KRS 235.125 to require that vessels documented by the Coast Guard display a number and validation sticker; amend KRS 235.210 to require documented vessels to register with the county clerk; amend KRS 235.230 to remove the requirement that owners of a marina hold the title for a boat moored there for longer than 24 hours; amend KRS 376.270 to prohibit marinas from interfering with a boat owner's right to take possession of the boat; amend KRS 243.110, 243.157, and 243.360 to make conforming changes; repeal KRS 243.075, 243.886, and 376.272; APPROPRIATION; EMERGENCY; provide a January 1, 2019, delayed effective date for certain sections.

     Dec 08, 2017 - Prefiled by the sponsor(s).