Administrative regulations, final approval or disapproval of, constitutional amendment - BR 40

Chambers, sign language interpretation in, Legislative Research Commission to provide - BR 113

Committee on Kentucky Monument Protection, appointments to - BR 174

Constitution of Kentucky, proposal to call convention for purpose of revising or amending - BR 142

Constitutional amendment, budget special session, compensation suspended - BR 117

Ethical misconduct, prohibited behavior, complaint procedures - BR 346

House of Representatives, Hoover, Representative Jeff, expulsion - BR 205

Kentucky Retirment Systems; hybrid cash balance plan, benefit election by legislators - BR 230

Legislative ethics telephone tip line, establish - BR 346

Legislators' Retirement Plan, hybrid cash balance plan, benefit election - BR 230

Members of, publicly owned communication devices, communication on, public record status of - BR 388

Roll call vote for appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for - BR 387

Terms of members, limit - BR 385