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HB 366/FN (BR 1195) - S. Rudy, K. Fleming

     AN ACT relating to revenue measures, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
     Amend KRS 224.50-868 to extend the new tire fee to July 1, 2020; provide that the amount of principal which a qualified applicant may owe the Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation at any one time shall not exceed $5 million; allow a 0.5% administrative fee to be paid to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority for the administration of each project funded by the Infrastructure for Economic Development Fund for Coal-Producing Counties and the Infrastructure for Economic Development Fund for Tobacco Counties; require any revenue received from the sale or renewal of Child Victims' Trust Fund license plates in excess of actual costs incurred by the Transportation Cabinet be transferred to the Child Victims' Trust Fund on an annual basis; require any funds or assets recovered by the Attorney General in connection with a lawsuit be paid directly to the Commonwealth and deposited in a distinct trust and agency account for each settlement; allow expenses incurred by the Auditor of Public Accounts for required audits of federal funds be charged to the government or agency that is the subject of the audit; require each agency of the Executive Branch to remit an assessment to the Personnel Board for its operation; exempt from all state and local taxes water withdrawal fees imposed by the Kentucky River Authority; require a school district that receives an allotment for an urgent needs school, and subsequently receives funds for that facility as a result of litigation or insurance, to reimburse the Commonwealth an amount equal to the amount received; establish the Office of Employment Training Building Proceeds Fund and require up to $3 million of proceeds from the disposal of any state-owned real property by the Office be deposited into the fund; require any revenue derived from the establishment of statewide contracts by the Office of Material and Procurement Services be credited to a trust and agency account and be used to administer the program; require the insurance surcharge rate be calculated at a rate to provide sufficient funds for the Firefighters Foundation Program Fund and the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund; allow the Department for Medicaid Services to impose copayments for services rendered to Medicaid recipients, not to exceed the amount permitted by federal law or waivers; allow the Department for Medicaid Services to utilize premiums and cost-sharing for services rendered to Medicaid and KCHIP recipients not to exceed amounts permitted by federal law or waivers, however KCHIP premiums are suspended for the 2018-2020 biennium; allow the Department of Insurance to waive or assess at any rate between zero and one percent for the 2019 or 2020 plan year on any health benefit plan premiums written by an insurer in the individual market segment; allow the Personnel Cabinet to collect a pro rata assessment from all state agencies, in all three branches of government, and other organizations that are supported by the system and deposit the assessment in a restricted fund account within the Personnel Cabinet; suspend the processing all applications received by the Kentucky Film Office during the biennium and require that the Department of Revenue not process or approve any refund requests from motion picture production companies related to sales and use tax paid during the biennium; require 0.075 percent be withheld from each rate established under KRS 341.270 and 341.272 if the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund balance exceeds the balance of the trust fund as of December 31, 2017, and deposit those funds in the Service Capacity Upgrade Fund; require insurance premium taxes and retaliatory taxes from any insurer be credited to the General Fund; allow the Personnel Cabinet to collect a benefits assessment per month per employee eligible for health insurance coverage in the state group for administration of the health insurance program; EMERGENCY


     HCS1 - Retain the original provisions; create new sections of subchapter 20 of KRS Chapter 224 to establish the Volkswagen Leverage Fund; amend KRS 224.50-868 to increase the new tire fee to two dollars ($2) for each tire sold, impose the fee upon the retailer, and subject the fee to sales tax; establish the TVA regional development agency assistance fund and appropriate moneys to the fund; amend KRS 138.140 to increase the cigarette tax by fifty cents ($0.50) per pack; amend KRS 138.143 to impose the floor stock tax on cigarette inventory on hand at 11:59 p.m. June 30, 2018; amend KRS 139.538 to suspend applications for refunds of sales tax to motion picture companies until July 1, 2020; create a new section of KRS Chapter 148 to suspend applications for the film industry income tax credit until July 1, 2020; amend KRS 148.8531 to suspend applications for tourism development incentives until July 1, 2020; amend various sections to conform and to require reporting of data; create new sections of KRS Chapter 148 to impose a tax on wholesale opioid distributors and mail-order pharmacies at a rate of 25 cents ($0.25) per dose beginning January 1, 2019; amend KRS 141.020 to eliminate the personal credit for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents; EMERGENCY.
     HCA1( S. Rudy ) - Make title amendment.

     Feb 14, 2018 - introduced in House
     Feb 16, 2018 - to Appropriations & Revenue (H); taken from Appropriations & Revenue (H); 1st reading; returned to Appropriations & Revenue (H)
     Feb 22, 2018 - posted in committee
     Feb 28, 2018 - reported favorably with Committee Substitute and committee amendment (1-title); 2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 01, 2018 - taken from Rules (H); posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, March 1, 2018; 3rd reading, passed 68-25 with Committee Substitute (1), committee amendment (1-title)
     Mar 02, 2018 - received in Senate
     Mar 06, 2018 - to Appropriations & Revenue (S)
     Mar 15, 2018 - taken from Appropriations & Revenue (S); 1st reading; returned to Appropriations & Revenue (S)
     Mar 16, 2018 - taken from Appropriations & Revenue (S); 2nd reading; returned to Appropriations & Revenue (S)