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SB 20/LM (BR 96) - W. Westerfield

     AN ACT relating to juvenile justice.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapters 15A, 27A, and 194A to require reporting of statistics, including age, race, and gender, to determine whether there is disproportionate minority contact with the juvenile justice, social welfare, and educational discipline systems and create training requirements; create new sections of KRS Chapters 15A and 158, to require the development and reporting of plans to ameliorate disproportionate minority contact with juvenile justice and education systems; amend KRS 156.095 to require professional development for education professionals on juvenile justice topics; create a new section of KRS Chapter 31 to allow the Division of Protection and Advocacy to investigate the use of restraint and seclusion in schools and require confidentiality; amend KRS 15.334 to require training on juvenile justice topics; create new sections of KRS Chapter 610 to create a minimum age of criminal responsibility of 12 years of age; amend KRS 503.010 to define "physical restraint"; amend KRS 503.110 to limit the permissible use of physical restraint by teachers or school personnel; amend KRS 635.020 to limit the youthful offender process to cases involving offenses against persons; amend KRS 158.135 to define "state agency children"; amend KRS 15A.220 to require facilities under contract to DJJ to report data; add data reporting from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; amend KRS 635.060 to allow a child who has committed an offense that would be a Class D felony if committed by an adult to be retained on probation for 18 months if the court-ordered substance abuse or mental health program is longer than 12 months and to limit the exclusion of children from the time limits placed on certain dispositions; amend KRS 610.105 to expand a court's options for diversion of a child's adjudicated case; amend KRS 600.020 to define "restorative justice practices"; amend KRS 630.070 to limit detention for a child violating a court order to 30 days; amend various sections to conform; amend KRS 15A.305, 610.030, 610.190, 610.200, 610.220, 635.010, and 630.030 to make technical corrections; repeal KRS 610.012.


     SCS1/FN/LM - Retain original provisions, except delete sections relating to use of restaint and seculsion in schools, to youthful offender proceedings, and to creating a minimum age of criminal responsibility; make various technical corrections.
     SCA1( W. Westerfield ) - Remove change from existing statutory text to retain existing prohibition that a prosecutor may not file a petition under certain circumstances.

     Feb 10, 2017 - introduced in Senate
     Feb 13, 2017 - to Judiciary (S)
     Feb 22, 2017 - taken from Judiciary (S); 1st reading; returned to Judiciary (S)
     Feb 23, 2017 - reported favorably, 2nd reading, to Rules with Committee Substitute and committee amendment (1)
     Mar 15, 2017 - recommitted to Judiciary (S)