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SB 77/CI/LM (BR 92) - G. Neal, R. Thomas, J. Carroll, P. Clark, D. Harper Angel, R. Jones II, M. McGarvey, D. Parrett, D. Ridley, J. Turner, R. Webb

     AN ACT relating to offender reentry.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 431 to allow a felony record to be expunged under specified circumstances; require the Administrative Office of the Courts to keep a confidential index of expungement orders for the preparation of presentence investigations; provide that if a defendant for whom a presentence investigation report is prepared including information relating to an expunged record is subsequently found not guilty of the offense for which the presentence investigation report was prepared or the charge or charges for which the presentence investigation report was prepared are dismissed with prejudice, then any information contained within the presentence investigation report must be redacted; amend KRS 431.078, relating to misdemeanor expungement, to begin the five-year waiting period from the date of adjudication of the offense; amend KRS 527.040, relating to possession of a firearm by a felon, to exempt individuals who have had their felony records expunged; amend various sections in KRS Chapter 335B relating to employment and licensure of persons convicted of crime to narrow the class of offenses to which the chapter applies; add consideration of the passage of time since the commission of the offense to the criteria considered in making licensure decisions; delete language relating to a hiring or licensing authority's subjective view of an ex-offender's rehabilitation; require a connection between the offense and the licensure category before a licensure denial is issued; repeal, reenact, and amend KRS 335B.060 to exempt peace officers and other law enforcement personnel as well as licensure categories preempted by federal law; repeal KRS 335B.040, relating to denial of license on ground of abuse of good moral character.

     Jan 06, 2016 - introduced in Senate
     Jan 07, 2016 - to Judiciary (S)