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SB 262 (BR 1044) - P. Clark

     AN ACT relating to industrial hemp.
     Amend KRS 260.850 to conform; create a new section of KRS 260.850 to 260.869 to allow industrial hemp farming as permissible under federal law; amend KRS 260.851 to require the Department of Agriculture to promulgate administrative regulations to administer the industrial hemp licensure program; amend KRS 260.854 to require the Department of Agriculture to establish an industrial hemp licensure program; require the department, by administrative regulation, to establish fee amounts for industrial hemp licenses, delete requirements for global positioning coordinates and for allowing the Department of Kentucky State Police to conduct physical inspections of the industrial hemp; allow the Department of Agriculture discretionary authority to monitor the industrial hemp grown by the license holder; provide testing and establish testing criteria; amend KRS 260.855 to delete requirements for a person granted an industrial hemp license and for a person transporting industrial hemp; amend KRS 260.865 to prohibit the Department of Agriculture from adopting any provision prohibiting a person from growing industrial hemp that is more restrictive than federal law; amend KRS 260.869 to require the Department of Agriculture to administer the industrial hemp program fund; repeal KRS 260.8505, 260.853, 260.856, 260.857, 260.859, 260.861, and 260.863; identify this Act as the "Industrial Hemp Freedom Act."

     Mar 02, 2016 - introduced in Senate
     Mar 04, 2016 - to Agriculture (S)