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HB 433/LM (BR 1306) - L. Belcher, D. Osborne, J. Kay, D. Graham, K. Bratcher, G. Brown Jr., T. Burch, D. Butler, R. Crimm, J. DeCesare, B. DeWeese, J. Donohue, M. Dossett, K. Flood, D. Floyd, J. Glenn, D. Horlander, J. Jenkins, A. Koenig, M. Marzian, R. Meeks, M. Meredith, R. Meyer, C. Miller, J. Miller, T. Mills, P. Moffett, B. Montell, S. Overly, D. Owens, R. Palumbo, J. Richards, S. Riggs, S. Santoro, D. Schamore, A. Simpson, R. Smart, D. St. Onge, J. Tipton, J. Wayne, R. Webber, S. Westrom, A. Wuchner, B. Yonts

     AN ACT relating to alcoholic beverages.
     Amend KRS 241.010 to define "discount in the usual course of business"; redefine a "souvenir package" as a special package of Kentucky distilled spirits; create a new section of KRS Chapter 242 to allow a precinct-level local option election to authorize the sale of alcoholic beverages at a distillery; amend KRS 243.030, 243.060, and 243.070 to establish fees for Class A and Class B types of NQ3 retail drink licenses; designate state and local craft rectifier license fees; amend KRS 243.0305 and 244.050 to exclude the sampling license privileges in each statute from those of the other statute; set maximum souvenir package sales of nine liters per customer per day; establish rules for distillery use of a sampling license or an NQ3 license; amend KRS 243.033 to allow a caterer to cater a private party or special event at a nonfederally bonded portion of a distillery; amend KRS 243.036 to convert a distilled spirits and wine auction license to an alcoholic beverage auction license, which also applies to malt beverages; include raffles as a part of the auction license; amend KRS 243.086 to designate a Class A NQ3 license for a distiller and a Class B NQ3 license for a private club or dining car; amend KRS 243.090 to make most local alcohol licenses expire on the same date as the corresponding state license; prorate the cost of a local license in the first year to allow the local license to synchronize with the state license; amend KRS 243.120 to create Class A and Class B rectifier's licenses; tax and distribute distiller retail drink sales in the same manner as souvenir package sales; amend KRS 243.130 to allow employees of distillers, rectifiers, and wineries to sample their employer's products for purposes of education, quality control, and product development; authorize a quota retail package licensee to provide free and paid samples of distilled spirits or wine; amend KRS 244.130 to enable a distiller to provide visitors who are 21 and over with free production by-products or free nonalcoholic novelty items; amend KRS 244.240 to permit distillers, rectifiers, wineries, and wholesalers to give discounts in the usual course of business if the same discounts are offered to all licensees of the same license type buying similar quantities; amend KRS 243.034 and 243.882 to conform; repeal KRS 243.892.


     HFA1( S. Santoro ) - Amend KRS 242.125 to allow a city adjacent to a federal or state waterway to hold its own wet, dry, or moist local option election; make amendments to conform.

     Feb 18, 2016 - introduced in House
     Feb 22, 2016 - to Licensing & Occupations (H)
     Feb 23, 2016 - floor amendment (1) filed