Cash or debt-financed projects authorized under certain conditions - HB 265: HCS

ABLE accounts, report required - HB 74: SFA (1)

ACT examination, change references to - HB 15: SCS

Benefits, inclusion of surviving family of emergency medical services providers - HB 54

Career and technical education, urge continue collaboration to promote - SCR 8

Cell tower placement, when PSC to be notified, universities, exemptions - SB 90: HCS

Computer science programming, enhancement and support of K-12 teachers of - SB 107

Construction of educational buildings, prevailing wage, elimination of - SB 9

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 227

Council on Postsecondary Education, State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement - SB 140; HB 537

Credit for military service and training, statewide policy, creation and implementation of - HB 127; HB 127: SCS, SFA (1)

Dual credit scholarship program, establishment of - HB 323; HB 626: SCS

Emergency medical services providers, death benefits - HB 54: HCS

Financial aid, eligibility for - HB 572

Foster children, tuition waiver - HB 81

Freedom of speech, public postsecondary institution's ability to restrict, limitation of - HB 145

Funding for costs associated with ABLE accounts, directed to seek - HB 74: HCS

High School Equivalency Testing program, replace GED program with - HB 432; HB 432: HCS

Institutional financial aid, Postsecondary institutions to communicate information on - HB 127: SFA (1)

Lottery funds, diversion, prohibition of - HJR 100

Pension surcharge on nonparticipating employees - HB 427

Performance-based funding, establishment of - HB 626: SCS

Public-private partnerships, framework for use thereof by universities - SB 132; HB 309

Religious and political expression and assembly - SB 15; SB 15: SCS; HB 217: SFA (2)

Research and development at public universities, tax credit to promote - HB 142

Savings plan trust, income tax deduction for - HB 72

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lift prohibitions on - HB 221

Seek funding and report to Legislative Research Commission, directed to - SB 179

Student volunteer service, trust fund for - HB 591

Textbooks, Gatton and Craft Academy students, purchases by local districts - HB 171

University of the Cumberlands, President Larry L. Cockrum, honoring - SR 42

Veteran, certification as teacher - SB 52

Volunteer service, require credit or recognition for - HB 591

Workforce Oversight Task Force, addition of additional duties - SCR 75: SFA (1)