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Articulated credit courses, require acceptance of - HB 18
Authorized public consumption license at a university sports stadium, creation and regulation of - HB 224
Committee on Legislative Redistricting, composed of faculty - SB 122
programming language, qualification for foreign language entrance requirement - SB 16
science programming, enhancement and support of K-12 teachers of - SB 16: SCS
Construction manager-general contractor delivery method, use of - HB 359: HCS
Dual credit courses, implement policy for - HB 18
costs for in line of duty death, emergency responder dependents, eligibility for - SB 175
costs, disabled emergency responder dependents, eligibility for - SB 175
employees, publish highest salaries of - HB 435, 478
employees, publishing highest salaries of - HB 478: HFA (1)
amend on track to graduate definition for - HB 67
comprehensive transition program, amounts increased for - HB 180
dual credit courses eligible for - SB 110; HB 265
dual-credit courses eligible for - SB 110: SFA (1)
Local KCTCS institutions, allow for increase size of board of directors - HB 205
Out-of-state facilities, prohibit operation of - HB 74
Procurement by postsecondary institutions, prohibit contracting with delinquent state taxpayers - HB 77
postsecondary appropriations, performance-based and outcomes-based funding - SJR 106: SCS, SFA (3)
postsecondary appropriations, performance-based funding - SJR 106
postsecondary institutions, governing boards, required orientation and education program - HB 235
Public-private partnerships, provide for use thereof by state government - HB 443
Religious and political viewpoints, student expression of - SB 71; SB 71: SCS
Thomas Hunt Morgan, resolution encouraging recognition of - HR 133
waiver for temporary full-time employees and adjunct faculty up to 6 credits per term - HB 143
waiver, students adopted by grandparents, eligibility for - HB 111
waiver, students assigned court-appointed guardians, eligibility for - HB 111: HFA (1)