"F3c Welborn Lee Ashby Memorial Highway," designate in Ohio County - HJR36

"Veterans Memorial Mile," designate on KY Route 8 in Greenup County - HJR150

"Vietnam Memorial Bridge," designate on US 23 in Greenup County - HJR150

"World War II Veterans Memorial Bridge," designate on KY Route 67 in Greenup County - HJR150

Aerospace/aviation infrastructure, study of - HJR100; HJR100: SCS

Air boards, certain ones to have additional members appointed, criteria and method for - HB59: SFA (1); HB208

Aircraft, prohibit the discharging of lasers at - HB59

Airport boards, political party representation - HB208: HFA (1)

Alternative funding for road construction, study of - HCR45

Automotive recycling dealers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - SB142; HB309

Baker, Pvt. Frank, designate bridge on KY 699 in Leslie County in honor of - HJR135

Bargo, Emmaleigh, Knox County, 2014 U.S.T.A. National Trampoline Champion, signs in honor of - HJR84

Bicycle helmets, promulgate administrative regulations to require the use for children under 16 - HB176

Certificate for driving, establishment of - HB267

Charles Rates Lewis Jr., designate highway in memory of in Daviess County - HJR62

Child booster seats, age and size requirements - SB97; HB263; HB315; HB315: SCS

Church bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB433

CMSgt Merton Grigsby Bridge, designate in Perry County - HJR4

Commercial motor vehicles, weight tolerance, transportation of agricultural products - SB106

Dixon, Zachary, Knox County, 2014 4-H Barrel Racing Champion, signs in honor of - HJR85

Dr. Eli C. Boggs Bridge, designation of in Perry County - HJR10

Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution - HB388

Education, safety, heatstroke, minor in vehicle - SB43

Elmer "Kebo" Keathley Memorial Bridge, Pike County, designation of - SJR105

Failure to yield right of way to emergency and public safety vehicles, increased fines - HB355

Ferries, technical corrections - HB526

Fines, increase to support county jail restricted fund - SB167

Funeral escort vehicles, permit the use of sirens and red flashing lights during funeral processions - SB176

Gasoline tax, calculation of average wholesale price - HB299: FCCR

Gold Star Siblings license plates, establishment of - HB209

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution - SJR78: HCS, SCS

Jackson County Veterans Highway, designation - HJR75

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Charles Buddeke - SR179

Miniard, Denver and Irene, designate Perry County bridge in honor of - HJR152

Mitchell Allen Memorial Bridge, designate in Perry County - SJR18

Morgan, Zetta, Laurel County, 2014-15 4-H Foods Demonstration State Champion, signs in honor of - HJR140

Mount Gilead Community Bridge, designate on KY 163 in Monroe County - HJR53

Municipal and county road aid, fuel tax revenue allotment, increase - HB513

Natcher Parkway, designation as I 65 Spur, encourage - SR191; HR223

NRA special license plate, establishment of - SB103

Parking on highway shoulder or ramp, prohibit in excess of 15 minutes - HB170

Paul, Joe C., amend highway designation, Medal of Honor recipient - SJR78: SFA (3)

Personal communication device, prohibit use of while operating a motor vehicle - HB66

PO3 Eddie Ray Huddleston Memorial Bridge, designate on KY 840 in Harlan County - HJR52

Powersport vehicle manufacturers and dealers, requirements for - HB480

Pulaski County Maroons, 2014 KHSAA Class 5A Football Champions, signs honoring - SJR78: SFA (2)

Pvt. Amos Damron Memorial Highway, designate in Pike County - SJR104

Rural and secondary roads, fiscal court has discretion over - HB513: HFA (1)

School bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB433

Secondary metals recyclers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - SB142; HB309

Shipping, state procurement of, sustainability in, consideration of - HB472

Smoking, prohibit in vehicle containing child subject to child safety restraint - SB112

Solid waste, conveyance and content, regulation of - SB180

Southwestern High School Cheer Team, 2013 & 2015 UCA National Champions, signs honoring - SJR78: SFA (2)

SP5 Charles Francis Millay Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County - HJR37

Spencer, Hewen, designate Floyd County roadway in honor of - SJR78: SFA (1)

Supplemental fuel tax, technical corrections - HB461

Tackett, Marlow, urging inclusion to U.S. 23 Country Music Highway signage - SR145

Terry, PFC Ralph Paul, designate bridge on KY 91 in Morgan County in honor of - SJR117

Towing and storage of vehicles, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB78

UMWA President John L. Lewis Memorial Highway in Harlan County, designation of - HJR9

Vehicle headlamps, required use during periods of precipitation, 2000 or newer models - HB251

Veterans Memorial Highway, designate in Nicholas County and Bath County - HJR6

Vigeant, Bailey, Laurel County, 2013-2014 4-H Barrel Racing Champion, signs in honor of - HJR140

Visually impaired and blind pedestrians, add information to Kentucky Driver Manual pertaining to - HB320

Williams, SFC William Myron, designate highway on KY 52 in Estill County in honor and memory of - HJR136

World War II Veteran Claude Hall, Sr. Memorial Highway, Knott County, designation of - HJR73