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"F3c Welborn Lee Ashby Memorial Highway," designate in Ohio County - HJR 36
Aircraft, prohibit the discharging of lasers at - HB 59
Bicycle helmets, promulgate administrative regulations to require the use for children under 16 - HB 176
CMSgt Merton Grigsby Bridge, designate in Perry County - HJR 4
Dr. Eli C. Boggs Bridge, designation of in Perry County - HJR 10
Education, safety, heatstroke, minor in vehicle - SB 43
Gold Star Siblings license plates, establishment of - HB 98
Mitchell Allen Memorial Bridge, designate in Perry County - SJR 18
fuels tax, minimum average wholesale price, increase - SB 29
fuels tax, no change without action of General Assembly - HB 167
Overweight haul permits for motor carriers, aluminum - HB 166
Parking on highway shoulder or ramp, prohibit in excess of 15 minutes - HB 170
Personal communication device, prohibit use of while operating a motor vehicle - HB 66
Sgt. Ralph R. Swim Memorial Highway in Rowan County, designation of - HJR 17
SP5 Charles Francis Millay Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County - HJR 37
Towing and storage of vehicles, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB 78
UMWA President John L. Lewis Memorial Highway in Harlan County, designation of - HJR 9
Veterans Memorial Highway, designate in Nicholas County and Bath County - HJR 6

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