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Coal severance revenues, distribution - HB 23
Collection procedures, due date, installment payments, amnesty - HB 136
Comprehensive tax reform - HB 132
Delinquent taxpayers, prohibit state and local government procurement from - HB 77
Film industry credit, make nonrefundable - HB 132
Historic property, tax credit for renovation of - HB 118
Income tax, scholarships for at-risk children tax credit program - HB 87
income tax, airline payment amount, extension of time to file refund for - HB 16
income tax, deduction, boundary line fence costs - HB 169
Inheritance tax, redefine Class A beneficiaries to include daughters-in-law and sons-in-law - HB 17
International horse racing event, pari-mutuel excise tax exemption for - HB 134
government energy project assessments, allow for the imposition thereof - HB 100
option sales and use tax, constitutional amendment to allow - HB 1
fuels tax, change minimum rate - HB 132
fuels tax, no change without action of General Assembly - HB 167
Noise abatement costs near airport, tax credit for - HB 48
Organ donation, income tax credit established for promotion of - HB 35
Pediatric research trust fund, tax checkoff - SB 82; HB 114
tax appraisal standards for older motor vehicles, amend and define standard value - HB 20, 37
tax on unmined coal, oil, gas, and other energy reserves, amend valuation procedures - HB 130
tax, transfer of homestead exemption to surviving spouse - SB 73
Public financing for Supreme Court judicial campaigns, create tax refund designation for - HB 63
Qualified tuition program, tax deduction for payments to - HB 101
Roll call vote, requirement for - HB 28
and use tax vendor compensation, increase - HB 36
and use tax, bees and beekeeping supplies, exempt - HB 155
and use tax, charity auctions, exempt - HB 78
and use tax, holiday - HB 25
and use tax, livestock and equine drugs, exemption - HB 157
Small businesses, tax exemption for in Promise Zones - HB 161
Special Olympics, create income tax designation for - HB 178
Tobacco taxes, increase rates - HB 132
Tuition, private schools, allow income tax deduction for - SB 41
TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB 45
Unmined coal property tax, standard value of certain reserves established - HB 130
Volunteer firefighters, establish income tax credit for - HB 175

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