Sales and use tax, equine production inputs including on-farm facilities, exempt - HB220

Administrative provisions, amend various - HB361

Coal severance revenues, distribution - HB23

Collection procedures, due date, installment payments, amnesty - HB136

Commonwealth school improvement tax credit, tax periods beginning on or after January 1, 2015 - HB384

Comprehensive tax reform - HB132

Conservation easement contribution, income tax credit for - HB523

Corporation income tax, film tax credits, lower thresholds and increase incentives - HB340

Corporations, require combined reporting of income - HB374

Cost of goods sold, expand definition for limited liability entity tax - HB331

Data centers, exemption from local property tax - HB466

Delinquent taxpayers, prohibit state and local government procurement from - HB77

Distilled spirit by the drink sales at distilleries, taxation and distribution of - HB198

Earned income tax credit, establish - SB183

Educational Savings Plan Trust, deduction for contributions to - HB303

Endow Kentucky tax credit, amend application procedures and reporting requirements - HB387

ENERGY STAR home and ENERGY STAR manufactured home, extend through 2022 - HB349

Excise tax, historical racing - HB93: HFA (7)

Film industry credit, make nonrefundable - HB132

Gasoline tax, calculation of average wholesale price - HB299: FCCR

Historic property, tax credit for renovation of - HB118

Incentives, allow a new sales and use tax incentive within the Kentucky Business Investment program - HB356

Inheritance tax, redefine Class A beneficiaries to include daughters-in-law and sons-in-law - HB17

Innocent spouse relief, effective date of - HB299

Interest calculation for tax overpayments and underpayments, modification of - HB399

International horse racing event, pari-mutuel excise tax exemption for - HB134

Ky Reinvestment Act incentives, expand eligibility - HB416

Land bank authorities, expand and amend powers and duties - HB219

Library districts, ad valorem, clarify authority - HB492

Limited Liability entity tax, mutual tax indebatedness, allow - HB399

Metropolitan College tax credit, extend - HB202: SCS

Natural resources severance and processing tax, application of refunds - HB194

New markets tax credit, various amendments to program requirements - HB484

Noise abatement costs near airport, tax credit for - HB48

Organ donation, income tax credit established for promotion of - HB35

Pediatric research trust fund, tax checkoff - SB82; SB82: CCR, FCCR, SCS; HB114; HB114: HFA (1); HB178: SCS

Public financing for Supreme Court judicial campaigns, create tax refund designation for - HB63

Qualified tuition program, tax deduction for payments to - HB101

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products or services by local governments - SB130

Revenue, cigarette excise tax and tobacco products tax, licensure requirements - HB512

Roll call vote, requirement for - HB28

Small businesses, tax exemption for in Promise Zones - HB161

Special Olympics, create income tax designation for - HB178

Taxation, Department of Revenue, technical corrections - HB510

Technical corrections to multiple tax statutes - HB299

Tuition assistance tax credit, tax periods beginning on or after January 1, 2015 - HB384

Tuition, private schools, allow income tax deduction for - SB41

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45

Unmined coal property tax, standard value of certain reserves established - HB130

Volunteer firefighters, establish income tax credit for - HB175