Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for - HB92

Boating under the influence, penalties for - HB291

Dextromethorphan, possession and retail sale, prohibition - HB24

Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution - HB388

Drug courts, discretionary expungement of offenses relating to - HB126

DUI, refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test - HB250

Health department syringe exchange, drug paraphernalia offense relating to - HB213: HFA (2)

Local Exchange Option, study relating to - HB213: HFA (1)

Marijuana possession and cultivation, adjustment of penalties for - SB79

Medical cannabis, permit use - HB3

Naloxone, prescribing, dispensing, and use of - HB105

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, treatment and prevention of - SB54; SB54: SCS

Outpatient treatment, exemption from CON - HB213: HFA (6)

Parental rights, termination of - SB54: HFA (1)

Prescription drug database, urge Missouri to implement - HCR24

Residential treatment, exemption from CON - HB213: HFA (4)

Unlawful dextromethorphan possession, fines for - HB24: HCS

Zohydro, classify as Schedule I - HB51