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Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date for - HB 119
Alcoholic Beverage Control Department, powers and duties of - SB 81
of Education, academic content standards, revision of - HB 33
of Education, data vendor transparency and privacy standards, requirement of - HB 33
for Families and Children, adoption, determine eligibility for tuition waiver - HB 111
for Health and Family Services, regional mental health boards, KERS - HB 62
Charter schools, employees of - HB 174
Commissioner of education, verification of school district budgets - HB 129
Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 57
on Postsecondary Education, academic content standards, consultation with - HB 33
on Postsecondary Education, dual credit policy, establishment of - HB 18
Department for Public Health, medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of - SB 40
Dept of Public Advocacy, requires expansion of alternative sentencing social worker program - HB 65
Game meat, for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB 55
Health and Family Services, custody of abused or neglected child, notice to schools - HB 30
Asset Liability Commission, authorization for funding notes for KTRS - HB 4
Board of Education, district of innovation, student assessments, waive or modify - HB 34
Board of Education, identify career-ready students - HB 52
Department of Education, charter schools, role - HB 174
Historical Society, rename executive committee of - HB 147
Retirement Systems, "pension spiking" costs less than $2,500 not billed to employers - HB 116
Retirement Systems, actuarial audit of assumptions and funding methods - HJR 7
Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill - HB 108
Retirement Systems, prearranged agreements for elected officials returning to same position - SB 62
Retirement Systems, retiree health payments by school districts for reemployed retirees - HB 163
Outstanding legal assistance debts, repayment of - HB 88
Procurement by state agencies, prohibit contracting with delinquent taxpayers - HB 77
Public Charter School Commission, duties of - HB 174
Retirement, certain KERS & CERS agencies allowed to cease participation - HB 62
Board of Elections, change filing deadline - HB 102
Board of Elections, student election assistants - HB 81
State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of placement agents - SB 22
Transportation Cabinet, operator's licenses, study of smartphone technology for display - HJR 44

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