Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date for - HB119; HB319

Advertisement of bids, public entity, purchase made from - HB195

Alcoholic Beverage Control Department, powers and duties of - SB81; HB71: SCS (2)

Booking photograph, use for commercial purpose with removal fee, prohibition - HB350

Books for Brains Program, board members, expense reimbursement for - SB115: SCS

Charter schools, employees of - SB8; HB174

Commissioner of education, verification of school district budgets - HB129

Corrections, omnibus provisions - HB428

County consolidation, Department for Local Government, assistance from - HB192

Criminal Justice Training, update of concealed carry training materials - HB421

Death in the line of duty, benefits, eligibility for - SB175

Dept of Public Advocacy, requires expansion of alternative sentencing social worker program - HB65

Disabled veteran-owned business certification program, creation of - HB497

Disaster leave, state employee volunteers, approval of - SB175

E-cigarette usage and effects, study of - HJR149

Education Professional Standards Board, certification of charter school teachers - SB8: SCA (1)

Emergency departments, requiring Medicaid MCO coverage of emergency medical conditions - SB88; HB283

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB280

Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB510: FCCR

Families and Children, unannounced child protective service visits - HB188; HB188: HFA (1), HFA (2), SFA (1)

Financial Literacy Commission, creation of - HB375

Fire Commission, certified volunteer firefighter ID program, repeal of - HB314

Firearms, agency owned, purchase by employee - SB89

Freedom of choice in health care decisions, no compromise - HB547

Game meat, for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB55

General laws passed, no exemption for - HB548

Horce Racing Commission, subject to executive branch ethics laws - SB150

Housing, Buildings and Construction - HJR134

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, creation of forensics office - SB190

Legislative Research Commission, staff management and structure, implement recommended changes - HJR90

Local boards of education, assignment of classified employees - HB540

Low-income, food-deprived areas, urge projects for - HR209

Motor Vehicle Commission, powersport vehicle dealer licenses - HB480

Office of the Secretary of State, study of civic education - HJR70

Outstanding legal assistance debts, repayment of - HB88

Parental rights, termination of - SB54: HFA (1)

Parole Board, procedures relating to - HB285

Procurement by state agencies, prohibit contracting with delinquent taxpayers - HB77

Retirement, certain KERS & CERS agencies allowed to cease participation - HB62; HB62: HCS, SCS

Revenue, cigarette excise tax and tobacco products tax, licensure requirements - HB512

School Facilities Construction Commission, require report from - HB508; HB508: HCS

Secretary of State's office, reorganization, Executive Order 2014-01 - HB346

State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of placement agents - SB22; SB22: HCS

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of - HB510: HCS, SCS (1), SCS (2)

Taxation, Department of Revenue, technical corrections - HB510

Training, Cabinet for Health and Family Services - SB209

Vaccination program, eligibility for - SB175

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, funding and appointments - HB277

Workplace Standards, apprenticeship tax credit for small business - HB347