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Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date for - HB 119, 319
Advertisement of bids, public entity, purchase made from - HB 195
Alcoholic Beverage Control Department, powers and duties of - SB 81; HB 71: SCS (2)
loser, pay $100 fine to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services - SB 44: HFA (1); SB 120: SCS
process, managed care organizations - HB 71: SCS (1)
of Education, academic content standards, revision of - HB 33
of Education, data vendor transparency and privacy standards, requirement of - HB 33
of pharmacy, restriction of term limits, removal of - HB 456
of Veterinary Examiners, veterinarian continuing education - HB 501
Booking photograph, use for commercial purpose with removal fee, prohibition - HB 350
Books for Brains Program, board members, expense reimbursement for - SB 115: SCS
for Families and Children, adoption, determine eligibility for tuition waiver - HB 111
for Families and Children, adoption, eligibility for tuition waiver, determination of - HB 111: HFA (1)
for Health and Family Services report, requirement for - HB 234: HFA (1)
for Health and Family Services, best interest of a child, encourage - HR 210
for Health and Family Services, child abuse and neglect training, require list of - HB 301: HFA (1),(2)
for Health and Family Services, instructional content of sex education - HB 231
for Health and Family Services, Medicaid, cost-savings demonstration projects in - SB 185; HB 69: SCS
for Health and Family Services, regional mental health boards, KERS - HB 62; HB 62: SCS, HCS
for Health and Family Services, SNAP, two payments for - SR 155
construction, construction manager-general contractor, construction method by, creation of - HB 359
sentencing system, omnibus revisions to - SB 190
Charter schools, employees of - SB 8; HB 174
Commissioner of education, verification of school district budgets - HB 129
increasing efficiency and accountability, create study for - HCR 89
Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 57
Corrections, omnibus provisions - HB 428
on Postsecondary Education, academic content standards, consultation with - HB 33
on Postsecondary Education, dual credit policy, establishment of - HB 18
on Postsecondary Education, education programs for governing boards, development of - HB 235
on Postsecondary Education, performance-based and outcomes-based funding, development of - SJR 106: SCS, SFA (3)
on Postsecondary Education, performance-based funding, development of - SJR 106
County consolidation, Department for Local Government, assistance from - HB 192
Criminal Justice Training, update of concealed carry training materials - HB 421
Death in the line of duty, benefits, eligibility for - SB 175
for Libraries and Archives, Books for Brains Program - HB 414
for Libraries and Archives, reorganization - HB 413
for Oversight and Compliance, creation of - HB 485
for Public Health, medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of - SB 40
of Education, child abuse and neglect training, require for school personnel - SB 119; HB 301; SB 119: SCS; HB 301: HCS
of Education, develop and make available financial literacy course - SB 121
of Education, report on completion of instructional hours - SB 119: HCS
of Education, revised and exact allotment of funds, requirement to prepare - HB 499
of Environmental Protection, state shipping procurement, sustainability program in - HB 472
of Fish and Wildlife Resources, employees, certain activities prohibited - SB 154; HB 351
of Libraries and Archives, Books for Brains Program - SB 115
of Vehicle Regulation, omnibus motor carrier revisions - SB 153; SB 153: SCS
Dept of Public Advocacy, requires expansion of alternative sentencing social worker program - HB 65
Disabled veteran-owned business certification program, creation of - HB 497
Disaster leave, state employee volunteers, approval of - SB 175
Child Care Council report, requirement for - HB 234: HFA (1)
Child Care Council, expiration of regulations promulgated by - HB 234: HFA (1)
Childhood Advisory Council, Head Start consultation with - HB 234; HB 234: SCS
Childhood Advisory Council, Kentucky Department of Education consultation with - HB 234; HB 234: SCS
E-cigarette usage and effects, study of - HJR 149
Education Professional Standards Board, certification of charter school teachers - SB 8: SCA (1)
Emergency departments, requiring Medicaid MCO coverage of emergency medical conditions - SB 88; HB 283
Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB 280
Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB 510: FCCR
Families and Children, unannounced child protective service visits - HB 188; HB 188: SFA (1), HFA (1),(2)
and Administration Cabinet, contingency fee legal services contracts, Web site posting of - SB 118
and Administration Cabinet, Contract Review Subcommittee, report to - SB 118
and Administration Cabinet, shipping services, procurement of, sustainability considered in - HB 472
and Administration Cabinet, state depositories, designation of, in-state requirement for - HB 507
and administration secretary, correct male only reference. - SB 207
Financial Literacy Commission, creation of - HB 375
Fire Commission, certified volunteer firefighter ID program, repeal of - HB 314
Firearms, agency owned, purchase by employee - SB 89
Steps, contractual obligations, requirement of cabinet to fulfill - HB 519: HCS
Steps, require the cabinet to fulfill contractual obligations - HB 121: HFA (1)
Steps, require the Cabinet to fulfill contractual obligations - SB 87: HCS
Freedom of choice in health care decisions, no compromise - HB 547
Game meat, for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB 55
General laws passed, no exemption for - HB 548
and Family Services, custody of abused or neglected child, notice to schools - HB 30
and Family Services, military medical training as substitute for nurse aide training - HB 281
and Family Services, reorganization - HB 397
Horce Racing Commission, subject to executive branch ethics laws - SB 150
Racing Commission, losing mount fees for Thoroughbred jockeys - SR 216; HR 253
racing commission, reorganization of - HB 409
Housing, Buildings and Construction - HJR 134
consumer loan companies, St. Regulatory Registry, required filings to be filed with - HB 295
deferred deposit transactions, St. Regulatory Registry, required filings to be filed with - HB 295
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, creation of forensics office - SB 190
Asset Liability Commission, authorization for funding notes for KTRS - HB 4
Board of Education, athletics, required safety gear - HB 187
Board of Education, district of innovation, student assessments, waive or modify - HB 34
Board of Education, identify career-ready students - SB 84; HB 52
Board of Education, promulgate regulation for home and hospital instruction visits - SB 101
Department of Education, charter schools, role - SB 8; HB 174
Department of Education, compilation of required reports - SB 127
Historical Society, rename executive committee of - HB 147
Housing Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Beach III, Charles - SR 175
Housing Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Noffsinger, Barry G. - SR 174
Retirement Systems, "pension spiking" costs less than $2,500 not billed to employers - HB 116
Retirement Systems, actuarial audit of assumptions and funding methods - HJR 7
Retirement Systems, authorize payment to spouse upon request of payment due under a QDRO - HB 481
Retirement Systems, elected trustee vacancies on the board, process for filing - HB 287; HB 287: HCS
Retirement Systems, employer costs for "pension spiking" - HB 306: SFA (2)
Retirement Systems, exemptions for volunteer service on retired reemployed requirements - HB 488
Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill - HB 108; HB 108: SCS (1),(2), HFA (1)
Retirement Systems, prearranged agreements for elected officials returning to same position - SB 62
Retirement Systems, retiree health payments by school districts for reemployed retirees - HB 163
Teachers' Retirement System, authorize $520 million in funding notes for ARC payment - HB 4: HFA (1)
Teachers' Retirement System, establish intent to phase in to full ARC by FY 2024-2025 - HB 4: HFA (2)
Teachers' Retirement System, establishment of intent to phase into full ARC by FY 2020-2021 - HB 4: HFA (3)
Transportation Cabinet, rare plants, exemption for - HB 93: HFA (1)
Workforce Investment Board, establish - HB 445
Workforce Investment Board, reporting and responsibilities - HB 475
Legislative Research Commission, staff management and structure, implement recommended changes - HJR 90
Local boards of education, assignment of classified employees - HB 540
Low-income, food-deprived areas, urge projects for - HR 209
Motor Vehicle Commission, powersport vehicle dealer licenses - HB 480
Office of the Secretary of State, study of civic education - HJR 70
Outstanding legal assistance debts, repayment of - HB 88
Parental rights, termination of - SB 54: HFA (1)
Parole Board, procedures relating to - HB 285
Cabinet, assistance by, comprehensive personnel system, Legislative Research Commission - HB 262; HB 262: HCS
Cabinet, employee health plan, cost-savings demonstration projects for - SB 185; HB 69: SCS
Cabinet, payroll payments by, direct deposit of, limitation on - SB 62: HFA (1),(2)
Procurement by state agencies, prohibit contracting with delinquent taxpayers - HB 77
Charter School Commission, duties of - SB 8; HB 174
Health, e-cigarette education and awareness program, establish - HB 476
Service Commission, confirmation, Daniel E. Logsdon, Jr. - SR 211
Service Commission, utility shut-off protection - HB 324
plant registry, local government and utilities, Transportation cabinet, exemptions from - HB 93: HFA (2)
plant registry, local government and utilities, Transportation Cabinet, exemptions from - HB 93: HFA (3),(4)
of Election Finance Robert D. Mattingly, confirmation of appointment - SR 156
of Election Finance, campaign finance, reports, receiving of - HB 463
of Election Finance, contribution limits and reports, various changes - HB 203: SCS, FCCR
Retirement, certain KERS & CERS agencies allowed to cease participation - HB 62; HB 62: SCS, HCS
Department, Labor Cabinet, Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Claims, information sharing - HB 256
Department, Labor Cabinet, Unemployment Insurance, and Workers' Claims, information sharing - HB 256: HCS
Revenue, cigarette excise tax and tobacco products tax, licensure requirements - HB 512
School Facilities Construction Commission, require report from - HB 508; HB 508: HCS
Secretary of State's office, reorganization, Executive Order 2014-01 - HB 346
Board of Elections, absentee voting, voters not appearing due to age, disability, or illness - HB 212, 334
Board of Elections, change filing deadline - HB 102
Board of Elections, redistricting, local government districts, allow deferral - HB 505
Board of Elections, student election assistants - HB 81; HB 203: SCS, FCCR
Board of Elections, voter registration, establish electronic system - HB 214, 334
Board of Elections, voter registration, registered voters moving to new county - HB 211
Fair Board, reorganization, Executive Order 2014-834 - HB 455
Treasurer, state depositories, designation of, in-state requirement for - HB 507
State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of - HB 510: SCS (1),(2), HCS
State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of placement agents - SB 22; SB 22: HCS
Taxation, Department of Revenue, technical corrections - HB 510
Training, Cabinet for Health and Family Services - SB 209
Cabinet, ability to promulgate regulations regarding driver license testing - SB 147, 163; HB 425, 516
Cabinet, honorary road naming, omnibus resolution - SJR 78: SCS, HCS
Cabinet, operator's licenses, study of smartphone technology for display - HJR 44
Vaccination program, eligibility for - SB 175
Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, funding and appointments - HB 277
Workplace Standards, apprenticeship tax credit for small business - HB 347