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911 emergency services, funding for - HB 418
Aircraft, prohibit the discharging of lasers at - HB 59
Athletics, required safety gear - HB 187
Bicycle helmets, promulgate administrative regulations to require the use for children under 16 - HB 176
Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for - HB 385
Child protective service visits, unannounced - HB 188; HB 188: SFA (1), HFA (1),(2)
Church bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB 433
Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, KSP to provide protection for - SB 64; HB 326
Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution - HB 388
Mine Safety Review Commission, Hubbard, W. Bryan, confirmation - SR 178
Mining education and training, first-aid training and other requirements - HB 448
Minor in vehicle, removal, civil immunity - SB 43
Motor carriers, annual safety training requirement, repeal - SB 138; HB 474
bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB 433
emergency response plan, requirement to include violent intruder threats - HB 341
Severe weather safe zones, school consultation with local and state safety officials - SB 39
Smoking, prohibit in vehicle containing child subject to child safety restraint - SB 112
Swimming pools used by public, require AED - HB 113