Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for - HB92

American Heart Health Month, recognize February 2015 - HR103

Asset forfeiture, methamphetamine-contaminated vehicles, disposal of - HB19

Barbers, licensing, fees, qualifications - HB239

BPA, prohibit use in food and beverage containers - HB430

Cancer, battling, First Lady Jane Beshear, honoring - HR240

Consumer Protection Act, construction and operation of - SB158

CPR training in high school, requirement for - SB16: HFA (3); SB28: HFA (2); SB39: HFA (5); SB68: HFA (1); SB107: HFA (1); HB249

E-cigarette usage and effects, study of - HJR149

Early fetal death, certificate of - HB342

Electronic cigarettes, tax, impose - HB438

Emergency allergy treatment, requirements - HB139; HB139: HCS; HB248: SCS

February 6, 2015; Wear Red Day - HR103

Fracturing compounds and mixtures, health professionals, medical needs, disclosure of - SB186; HB386

Health department syringe exchange, drug paraphernalia offense relating to - HB213: HFA (2)

Hospitals, firearms, regulation of - SB128

Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment - SB189; HB145; HB145: HFA (1), HFA (2), HFA (3), HFA (4), HFA (5), HFA (6), HFA (7), HFA (9), HFA (10), HFA (11), HFA (12), HFA (13), HFA (14)

Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices, use by terminal patients - SB139

Living organ donation, promotion of - HB35

Long-term-care facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees - SB6: SFA (10), SFA (18); HB431; HB431: HCS

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, treatment and prevention of - SB54; SB54: SCS

Pain management facilities, regulation of - HB329

Prescription drug database, urge Missouri to implement - HCR24

Public Health, e-cigarette education and awareness program, establish - HB476

Radon laboratories, certification requirements for - HB371

Radon, inspection in child-care centers for - HB462

Recognize Self-care Month, February 2015 - HR127

Solid waste, conveyance and content, Energy and Environment Cabinet, powers over - SB180

Spina bifida, provide information - SB159

Swimming pools used by public, require AED - HB113

Tanning devices, use by individuals under the age of 18, prohibition of - HB252

Tobacco use in state buildings and schools, prohibit - HB145: HFA (8)

Vital records, security of - SB131

Waste tired grants, moratorium on - HJR124

Zohydro, classify as Schedule I - HB51