Asset forfeiture, methamphetamine-contaminated vehicles, disposal of - HB19

Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings - HB279

Cruelty to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions - HB56

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB280

Historic property, tax credit for renovation of - HB118

Homebuilders, notice to owners, accommodation of disability - SB187

Land bank authorities, expand and amend powers and duties - HB219

Liens against real estate; release of - HB323

Manufactured home residents, good cause required for eviction - HB327

Mobile home parks, rent payments, timely if delivered or postmarked by due date - SB96

Mortgages, affidavit of amendments to - HB362

Pain management facilities, licensure of - HB329: HCA (1)

Planned communities, owners associations, rights and obligations - HB531

Planning and zoning appeals, requirement of supersedeas bond - HB240

Private property, election signs on - SB149; HB203: FCCR

Recording of mortgages and deeds with liens retained therein, requirements for - SB148

Sport fishing license requirement, landowner exemption for private waters - SB24

Trespass, court order preventing - HB217