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Motor Vehicles


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Asset forfeiture, methamphetamine-contaminated vehicles, disposal of - HB 19
Careless driving involving death or physical injury, penalty - HB 68
admissibility of controlled substance testing - HB 123
penalties imposed - SB 34
penalties imposed. - HB 135
requirement of prosecutorial background checks - HB 39
Gold Star Siblings license plates, establishment of - HB 98
Ignition interlocks, usage of - HB 60
Military and veterans license plates, extra fee for renewal, elimination - HB 110
Motor fuels tax, minimum average wholesale price, increase - SB 29
Operator's licenses, study of smartphone technology for display - HJR 44
Parking on highway shoulder or ramp, prohibit in excess of 15 minutes - HB 170
Personal communication device, prohibit use of while operating a motor vehicle - HB 66
Property tax appraisal standards for older motor vehicles, amend and define standard value - HB 20, 37
Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death - SB 45
Towing and storage, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB 78
Unmanned aerial vehicle, disruption of hunting - SB 56
Used motor vehicles, sticker informing of right to previous owner information, eliminate requirement - HB 179
Valuation standards for used motor vehicle, clarification - HB 14

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