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Accident, insurers, tort and PIP claim release, waiting period to obtain - HB 153: SFA (2),(3)
Asset forfeiture, methamphetamine-contaminated vehicles, disposal of - HB 19
Automotive recycling dealers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - SB 142; HB 309
Basic reparation benefits, authorize local boards of education to set aside funds - HB 496; HB 117: SCS, SCA (2)
Careless driving involving death or physical injury, penalty - HB 68
Certificate for driving, establishment of - HB 267
Child booster seats, age and size requirements - SB 97; HB 263, 315; HB 315: SCS
parking placard, allow issuance to applicants aged 80 or older - HB 390
parking placards, hole-punch system, requirements for - HB 394
Drivers license, application for, limit exemption from requirement to produce birth certificate - HB 428: SFA (1)
Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution - HB 388
admissibility of controlled substance testing - HB 123
penalties imposed - SB 34; SB 34: SCS
penalties imposed. - HB 135
refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test - HB 250
requirement of prosecutorial background checks - HB 39
Fee in lieu of court costs for county attorney traffic safety program, create and distribute - SB 117
Funeral escort vehicles, permit the use of sirens and red flashing lights during funeral processions - SB 176
Gasoline tax, calculation of average wholesale price - HB 299: FCCR
Gold Star Siblings license plates, establishment of - HB 209
Headlamps, required use during periods of precipitation, 2000 or newer models - HB 251
Historic motor vehicle review for ad valorem tax purposes, allowable methods - HB 20: SCS
Ignition interlocks, usage of - SB 133; HB 60; SB 133: SCS, SFA (1), HCS; HB 60: HCS
Members of the Armed Forces, operator's license, exemption during course of service - HB 411
fuels tax, minimum average wholesale price, increase - SB 29
vehicle usage tax, exempt vehicles transferred between siblings - HB 244
Motorcycle operators, entering or crossing at steady red light, affirmative defense - HB 370
NRA special license plate, establishment of - SB 103
Operator's licenses, study of smartphone technology for display - HJR 44
Parking on highway shoulder or ramp, prohibit in excess of 15 minutes - HB 170
Personal communication device, prohibit use of while operating a motor vehicle - HB 66
Powersport vehicle manufacturers and dealers, requirements for - HB 480
Price gouging, prohibition of and penalty for - HB 184
Property tax appraisal standards for older motor vehicles, amend and define standard value - HB 20, 37
Secondary metals recyclers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - SB 142; HB 309
Service contract, not insurance on the motor vehicle - HB 255
Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death - SB 45; HB 447
Smoking, prohibit in vehicle containing child subject to child safety restraint - SB 112
Supplemental fuel tax, technical corrections - HB 461
Title on abandoned vehicle, issuance by clerk or affidavit of master commissioner - HB 318
Towing and storage, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB 78
Cabinet, ability to promulgate regulations regarding driver license testing - SB 147, 163; HB 425, 516
network companies, insurance requirements for - HB 207
Unmanned aerial vehicle, disruption of hunting - SB 56
Usage tax, resident Armed Forces members on-duty in Kentucky, exempt - HB 343
Used motor vehicles, sticker informing of right to previous owner information, eliminate requirement - HB 179
Valuation standards for used motor vehicle, clarification - HB 14
Vehicle usage tax, exemption for resident service members stationed to duty in Kentucky - HB 378