ABLE Act, create Kentucky trust and program for use with - SB188; HB460

Assisted outpatient treatment, establish court orders for - HB65; HB65: HCS

Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to - SB190

Court-ordered mental health treatment, authorize telehealth examinations - SB51: HCS; HB121; HB121: HCS

Involuntary hospitalization, transportation - HB182

Medicaid eligibility determinations, establishment of deadlines for agencies - HB107

Mental health treatment, permit without parental consent - HB270

Nurse aide training in dementia, require - HB106

Reorganization, Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Executive Order 2014-618 - HB519; HB519: HCS, HFA (1)

Special Olympics, create income tax designation for - SB82: HFA (3); HB178

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to - HB70