ADDs, Federal Workforce Investment Act, services relative to, prohibition - SB104

Advertisement of bids, public entity, purchase made from, not required when - HB195

Air boards, certain ones to have additional members appointed, criteria and method for - HB59: SFA (1); HB208

Alcohol, Sunday sales, remove certain population restrictions - HB457

Appalachian region, development of - SB168

Blighted property, eminent domain proceedings - HB279

Boards and commissions of municipal utilities, members to be customers - SB91

Building Code, direct study of statewide enforcement - HJR134

Canines, regulation for public safety, breed discrimination disallowed - SB124

Cemeteries, allow cities to require maintenance of - HB245

Cities, fire departments, platoons in certain, composition of - HB225

City fire departments, staffing - HB225: HCS

Clerks only required to print names and issues and Web site in newspaper, not ballot - HB296

Clerks, affidavit of amendment of recorded mortgage - HB362

Complaints against police officers, investigation and prosecution - HB333

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of - HB191

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB57

County, suspension of affiliation with area development district - SB104

Day reporting centers, usage of - HB310; HB332

Death in the line of duty, benefits, eligibility for - SB175

Department for Oversight and Compliance, creation of - HB485

Economic impact of adventure tourism, Legislative Research Commission to study - HCR86

Elected officials, filing deadline change for - HB158

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB280

Game meat, for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB55

Interlocal agreements, procedures for adding new members - HB297

Investments - HB527

Jailer compensation, delete performance references. - SB184: SCS

Jailer, office of, consolidated with sheriff - HB151

Jailers, salaries - SB184

Levies, 25 percent of proceeds to offset current local tax - HB1: HFA (3)

Minimum wage, authority to set in excess of state minimum - HB96

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions - HB289

Municipal electric authority, creation of - HB290

Office of Judge of County Court, not elected in merged county and city governments - HB442

Officers with duties coextensive with the state, salary resulting from change in county population - HB137

Open records, definition of public agency, contracts with public utilities included in - HB437

Ordinance date, change to July 1, 2016 - SB124: SFA (1)

Pawnshop, registry requirements prior to sale or purchase of goods - HB483

Personnel costs of processing information - HB133

Personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties - HB278

Planned communities, owners associations, rights and obligations - HB531

Prepaid wireless service charge, imposition and collection of - SB202

Procurement by local governments, prohibit contracting with delinquent state taxpayers - HB77

PVA, reasonable fee allowed - SB125

Reciprocal preference requirements, advertisement of, requirement deleted for - HB195

Redistricting, allow deferral until after General Assembly redistricting - HB505

Rescue squad members, death or disability, survivor benefits - HB44

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products or services - SB130

Roofing permitting and inspection programs, requirements for - HB302: HFA (1), HFA (2)

Schools, prevailing wage, elimination of - SB9

Sex offenders, prohibition of presence on publically owned playground - HB27

Sheriffs, limitation on expenditures in last year of term - SB48

Spill preparedness grant program, establishment of - HB272

Swimming pools used by public, require AED - HB113

Tax collection procedures, due date, installment payments, amnesty - HB136

Technical correction - HB333: HCS; HB545

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45

Twenty-five percent of proceeds from levy and tax, to off-set current local tax - HB1: HFA (1)

Workforce investment local boards, set forth authority - HB445

Write-in candidates, regular elections, unsuccessful primary candidates prohibited from becoming - HB150