Area development districts, require information sharing - HB426

Budget Reform Task Force, establish - HCR20

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, attached to - SB122

County jail restricted fund, establishment and funding - SB167

Death penalty costs, creation of task force - SCR11; HCR30

Deputy director for human resources, requirements for - HB262

Designation of appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for - HB28

Employees of, comprehensive employment system, establishment of - HB262; HB262: HCS, HFA (1)

Government Nonprofit Contracting Task Force, establish - HCR89

Law libraries, replacement of in case of fire - HB122

Legislative compensation, setting of - HB469; HB469: HFA (1)

Legislators, nonpartisan staff transfers, prohibited to direct - HB262: SFA (1)

Municipal bankruptcy, study - HCR8

Nonpartisan employees, classification and compensation system, new employees hired under - HB262: HCS, HFA (1)

Public-private partnership agreements, legislative review and authorizations for - HB443

Salary, direct deposit, limitation on - SB62: HFA (1)

Staff management and structure, implement recommended changes - HJR90

State Employee Appreciation Day, July 1, 2015 - HJR122

Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of - HCR56

Tobacco use in state buildings and schools, prohibit - HB145: HFA (8)

U.S. Constitutional Convention, delegates to, limitation of authority, enforcement of - SB208