Apprenticeship, small business tax credit - HB347

Area development districts, require information sharing - HB426

Cities with less than 8,000 people, exempt from minimum wage increase for emergency personnel - HB2: HFA (2)

Employers, prohibit discrimination and require notices for pregnancy and related conditions - HB218; HB218: HFA (1)

Firefighters, workers' compensation, presumption of cancer as occupational disease - HB156

KFC, celebration of - SR118; HR137

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty - SB1; SB1: SCS

Military spouses, unemployment disqualification, elimination - HB406

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to - SB18

Place of employment, statewide indoor smoking prohibition, exceptions - SB189; HB145; HB145: HFA (1), HFA (2), HFA (3), HFA (4), HFA (5), HFA (6), HFA (7), HFA (9), HFA (10), HFA (11), HFA (12), HFA (13), HFA (14)

Putting Veterans to Work Initiative, recognition of - HCR87

Schools, prevailing wage, elimination of - SB9

State minimum wage, increase - HB2; HB2: HFA (1)

Technical corrections - HB479; HB518

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45

Voluntary Veterans' Preference Employment Policy Act, establishing - HB164

Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB2