ABLE Act, create Kentucky trust and program for use with - SB188; HB460

Appeals process, Medicaid managed care organizations - SB44: HFA (1); SB120; SB120: SCS; HB71: SCS (1)

Color and design of firearms, federal law and rules, does not preempt - HB366

Consumer Protection Act, construction and operation of - SB158

Emergency departments, requiring Medicaid MCO coverage of emergency medical conditions - SB88; HB283

Firearms, federal laws and rules, invalidate - HB13

Horse Protection Act, designated qualified persons who inspect horses through - SB191

Keystone XL Pipeline, Veto of - HR197

Low-income, food-deprived areas, recognize projects for - HR209

Mint police, limited grant of authority as state peace officers - HB401

Motor carriers, clarification of authority - SB153

Peace officers, authority under state law - HB138

Second amendment and firearms, protection of - HB120

Securities Act of 1933, crowdfunding, exemption - HB76

Stream mitigation in-lieu funds, require 25% to be used for infrastructure projects - SB203

U.S. Forest Service, urge to temporarily halt logging at Land Between the Lakes - HR211

Workforce Investment Act and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - HB475