Postsecondary institutions, prohibit out-of-state facilities by - HB74

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth - HB357

BR 333 Controlled substances - HB53

Civil immunity, vehicle damage, minor in danger - SB43

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to - SB192: CCR, HCS; HB50; HB112; HB213

DUI, penalties imposed - SB34; SB34: SCS

Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB510: FCCR

Gambling, devices and penalties - SB28; HB467; HB528

Gasoline tax, calculation of average wholesale price - HB299: FCCR

HJR 90 - HJR90: HFA (1)

Instructional days missed, approval to waive - SB39: HFA (3)

International horse racing event, pari-mutuel excise tax exemption for - HB134

Jailers, salaries and ordinance concerning - SB184

KCTCS employees, publish highest salaries of - HB435; HB478

KEES, add Cambridge Advanced International exams to supplemental awards for - HB268

Local government economic assistance fund, county distributions - HB194

Minimum average wholesale price for computation of motor fuel tax, increase - HB513

Morale, welfare, and recreation facilities, on DMA property, authorization of - HB358

Naloxone administration by third parties - HB253

Naloxone, prescribing, dispensing, and use of - HB105

Natural resources severance and processing tax, refunds - HB194

Postsecondary education, capital project - HB298

Primary election day, allowance for schools to be open on - SB39: HFA (1)

Public-private partnerships, provide framework for use thereof by state government - HB443

Sales tax holiday - HB25

School employees, compensation of - HB129

Second amendment and firearms, protection of - HB120

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of - HB510: SCS (1), SCS (2)

Student privacy, ensuring - SB76

Workers' compensation employee exemption - HB206: HFA (5), HFA (6)