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Articulated credit courses, require acceptance of - HB 18
Charter schools, authorizers of - HB 174
Computer programming language, qualification for foreign language entrance requirement - SB 16
Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 57
Dual credit courses, implement policy for - HB 18
KEES, amend on track to graduate definition for - HB 67
Out-of-state facilities, prohibit operation of - HB 74
Postsecondary education tuition, waiver for law enforcement officer's survivor - HB 86
Procurement by postsecondary institutions, prohibit contracting with delinquent state taxpayers - HB 77
Qualified tuition program, tax deduction for payments to - HB 101
Religious and political viewpoints, student expression of - SB 71
Rescue squad members, death or disability, survivor benefits - HB 44
waiver for temporary full-time employees and adjunct faculty up to 6 credits per term - HB 143
waiver, students adopted by grandparents, eligibility for - HB 111

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