Aerospace/aviation industry, economic impact study of - HJR100; HJR100: SCS

Aluminum industry, recognize Kentucky's - SCR97

Aviation and aerospace industry, economic impact - HCR11

Computer science programming, the knowledge-based economy and - SB16: SCS

Data centers, exemption from local property tax - HB466

Energy project assessment districts, allow for creation of by local governments - HB100: SCS

Enhanced incentive counties, allow a new tax incentive for economic development projects - HB356

Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, proposed reductions, reconsideration of - SR128; SCR147; HJR77; HJR77: HCS; HJR139; HCR224; HR226

Hotels and restaurants, sales tax incentive for - HB453

Keystone XL Pipeline, Veto of - HR197

KFC, celebration of - SR118; HR137

Ky Reinvestment Act incentives, expand eligibility - HB416

Promise Zones, tax exemption for businesses in - HB161

Representation on commission on military affairs, adjustments to - HB274

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45