ABLE Act, create Kentucky trust and program for use with - SB188; HB460

Americans with Disabilities Act, recognizing 25th anniversary of - SR184; HR196

Assisted outpatient treatment, establish court orders for - HB65; HB65: HCS

Benefit cards, photo ID required - HB238

Disabilities Awareness Day, February 5, 2015, designation of - HR93

Education costs, disabled emergency responder dependents, eligibility for - SB175

HCBS waiver reimbursement for aged or individuals with developmental disability - HB402: SCS, SFA (1)

Home and hospital instruction visits, increase minimum requirement for - SB101

Hospital-to-Home Transition Program, establishment of - SB173; HB144: HCS; HB402: SCS, SFA (1)

Human Rights Commission, reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities filing complaints - SB47

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of - SB6: SFA (5)

Nurse aide training in dementia, require - HB106

Presumptive eligibility for home health services, permit - HB144; HB144: HFA (1)

Proxy hunting program, disabled hunters, pilot project - HB534

Rare Disease Day, designating - SCR108; HR109

Special education, eligibility through end of school year in which student has 22nd birthday - SB19

Spina bifida, provide information - SB159

Stroke centers, establishing certification - SB10

Superintendent, leave of absence, compliance with - HB75

Teaches, leaves of absence, compliance with - HB75

Visually impaired and blind pedestrians, add information to Kentucky Driver Manual pertaining to - HB320