Business and Nonprofit entities, regulation of - HB440; HB440: HCS

Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to - SB190

Child, abused or neglected, procedures for - SB182

Confidentiality, staff privilege information - SB83

Consumer Protection Act, construction and operation of - SB158

County jail restricted fund, establishment and funding - SB167

Court-ordered treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse - HB71

Crime Victims Compensation Board, fee upon entry into treatment or service, to be allocated to - HB322

Elected officials, salary of, direct deposit, limitation on - SB62: HFA (1)

Emergency protective orders, expungement of records when petition dismissed - HB95

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB280

Eviction, defense to, protective orders - HB405

Expansion of statute of limitations, for victims of childhood sexual abuse or assault - SB25

Expunged records, prevent introduction of - HB40: HFA (1)

Expungements, alter requirements for - HB162

Foster care review board, notice of review, establish - SB140

Franklin Circuit Court, alternative concurrent jurisdiction, creation of - SB178

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren - HB15

Indigency, determination of - HB89

Inmates, time frame for waiver of fees and court costs in civil action - HB128

Interpersonal protective orders, alternative language for referencing - HB8: HFA (1)

Involuntary hospitalization, transportation - HB182

Justifications, use of force - SB14

Law libraries, replacement of in case of fire - HB122

Liens against real estate; release of - HB323

Manslaughter in the first degree, elements of - SB102; SB102: SCS

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation - SB6

Members, election of, filing deadline change for - HB158

Misdemeanor sentencing, prior convictions, evidence of - HB489

Name change certification, clarify process - SB197

Outstanding legal assistance debts, repayment of - HB88

Parental rights, termination of - SB54: HFA (1)

Persistent felony offender sentencing, give jury discretion to choose - HB304

Planned communities, owners associations, rights and obligations - HB531

Post-arrest detention, domestic violence, require findings of fact by clear and convincing evidence - SB137: HFA (1)

Protective orders, stalking - HB22

Restraining order, victim of sex offense, issuance of - SB85

Retired judges and justices, per diem salary for temporary active service - SB152; HB241