"Land of Swinging Bridges," recognize Clay County, Kentucky as - SR196

ADDs, Federal Workforce Investment Act, services relative to, prohibition - SB104

Air boards, certain ones to have additional members appointed, criteria and method for - HB59: SFA (1); HB208

Appalachian region, development of - SB168

Area development district, suspension of county affiliation with - SB104

Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings - HB279

Building Code, direct study of statewide enforcement - HJR134

Canines, regulation for public safety, breed discrimination disallowed - SB124

Clay County, designate as Land of Swinging Bridges - SJR92

Clerk budget, fiscal court approval deadline - HB529

Coal severance revenues, distribution - HB23

Complaints against police officers, investigation and prosecution - HB333

Consolidation, process for - HB192

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of - HB191

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to - HB50

Day reporting centers, usage of - HB310; HB332

Department for Oversight and Compliance, creation of - HB485

Elected officials, filing deadline change for - HB158

Elections, absentee voting, voters who cannot appear at the polls due to age, disability, or illness - HB212

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB280

Enclosed public places and places of employment, indoor smoking, prohibition of - HB145: HFA (1)

Energy project assessment district programs, allow for the creation of local governments - HB100

Enhanced incentive counties, allow a new form of tax incentive for economic development projects - HB356

Ethics provisions applicable to certain entities - HB348: SFA (2)

Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB510: FCCR

Fiscal court, discretion over road construction - HB513: HFA (1)

Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment - SB189; HB145; HB145: HFA (2), HFA (3), HFA (4), HFA (5), HFA (6), HFA (7), HFA (9), HFA (10), HFA (11), HFA (12), HFA (13), HFA (14)

Inmates, state prisoners, payment for - HB286

Interlocal agreements, procedures for adding new members - HB297

Investments - HB527

Involuntary hospitalization, transportation - HB182

Jailer compensation, delete performance references. - SB184: SCS

Jailer, office of, consolidated with sheriff - HB151

Jailers, salaries - SB184

Land bank authorities, expand and amend powers and duties - HB219

Liens against real estate; release of - HB323

Marriage license, information contained on - HB127

Minimum wage, authority to set in excess of state minimum - HB96

Model procurement, negotiating with vendors for supplies, permitted categories - HB195: HCS

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions - HB289

Office of Judge of County Court, not elected in merged county and city governments - HB442

Officers with duties coextensive with the state, salary resulting from change in county population - HB137

Ordinance date, change to July 1, 2016 - SB124: SFA (1)

Personnel costs of processing information - HB133

Personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties - HB278

Pilot areas for local workforce investment boards - HB475

Planned communities, owners associations, rights and obligations - HB531

Procurement by local governments, prohibit contracting with delinquent state taxpayers - HB77

Property valuation administrators, salary resulting from change in county population - HB137: HCS

PVA, reasonable fee allowed - SB125

Recording of mortgages and deeds with liens retained therein, requirements for - SB148

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products or services - SB130

Sex offenders, prohibition of presence on publically owned playground - HB27

Sheriffs, limitation on expenditures in last year of term - SB48

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45

Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of - HB368

Voter registration, notice posting requirement, means by which a person may register to vote - HB214; HB334

Write-in candidates, regular elections, unsuccessful primary candidates prohibited from becoming - HB150