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Arrest-related deaths, coroner investigation - SB 69
Concealed deadly weapons, permit, allow Corrections employees to waive training - HB 428
Custody, medical treatment, no release from local jail - HB 428: HCS
Death penalty costs, creation of task force - SCR 11; HCR 30
Drivers license, application for, limit exemption from requirement to produce birth certificate - HB 428: SFA (1)
Enclosed public places and places of employment, indoor smoking, prohibition of - HB 145: HFA (1)
Farm Operations Program, expansion of program to all facilities - HB 282
services, inmates, authorized providers - SB 118: HCS
services, inmates, who may provide - SB 192
Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment - SB 189; HB 145; HB 145: HFA (2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(9),(10),(11),(12),(13),(14)
Inmates, time frame for waiver of fees and court costs in civil action - HB 128
Internal affairs, grant powers of peace officers - HB 428
Parole Board, procedures relating to - HB 285
Released prisoners, drivers license, allow without birth certificate - HB 428
State prisoner, gross misdemeanant, payment for - HB 286
Violent offenders, qualifying offenses for designation as - HB 382