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Administrative regulations, General Assembly, permit to approve or disapprove - SB 2
Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to - SB 190
Casino gaming, amendment to permit - HB 300
Constable, amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of - HB 191
Constitutional rights, persons investigated in dependency, neglect, and abuse cases retain - SB 181
Drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition - HB 12
of statewide constitutional officers, change to even-numbered years - SB 93
of statewide constitutional offices, change to even-numbered year - HB 46
Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections - HB 40
Firearms, federal laws and rules, invalidate - HB 13
Gaming, amendment allowing General Assembly to authorize - SB 199
General Assembly, compensation for services, suspension of - HB 31
Local governments, authorize a local option sales and use tax levy - HB 1
Office of Judge of County Court, not elected in merged county and city governments - HB 442
Property tax, transfer of homestead exemption to surviving spouse - SB 73
Redistricting, standards for - SB 27
to farm, constitutional amendment to provide - SB 57
to farm, not to modify within limits of the law - SB 57
Second amendment and firearms, protection of - HB 120
Section 43, immunity from general law, prohibition of - HB 503
Three-year interval before restoration of voting rights, upon certain conditions - HB 70: HFA (1)
rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide - SB 17, 70
rights, prohibitions relating to - HB 70
rights, restructure limitations on - SB 26; HB 26