Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing - SR96

"Land of Swinging Bridges," recognize Clay County, Kentucky as - SR196

20th Anniversary of the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, celebrating - SR135; HR112

4-H Capitol Experience, recognize event - HR207

A Raymond Tinnerman manufacturing, honoring - HR185

Aerospace/aviation products manufacturing industry, commending - HJR100; HJR100: SCS

Allen County-Scottsville High School Lady Patriots, honoring - HR229

Allen, Lieutenant Roger, honoring - SR86

Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, honor - SR115

Aluminum industry, recognize Kentucky's - SCR97

American Heart Health Month, recognize February 2015 - HR103

Americans with Disabilities Act, recognizing 25th anniversary of - SR184; HR196

Anderson, Brian, honoring - HR99

August 2013 Resolution of the Nevada State AFL-CIO, honoring - HR200

Aviation and aerospace industry, recognizing exports - HCR11

Barger, Steve and Willa, honoring - SR236

Bargo, Emmaleigh, designation of highway in Knox County in honor of - HJR84

Belcher, Kelly, honoring - HR174

Berry, Candy, honoring - SR195; HR201

Blevins, Ida, honoring - HR162

Bobrowski, Dr. Garth, honoring - SR140; HR156

Bosse, Chief Michael D., honoring - SR63

Bourbon Barrel of Compromise, recognizing - HR81

Broadbent's B&B Foods, recognition of - SR88

Buis, Robbin, honoring - HR194

Bullard, General Steven, honor - SR98; HR98

Burse, Kentucky State University President Raymond M., honoring - SR51; HR67

Children's Advocacy Day, honoring - SR76; HR74

DanceBlue, honoring - SR150; HR188

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, honoring - SR116

Denney, Ed, honoring - SR65

Disabilities Awareness Day, February 5, 2015, designation of - HR93

Dixon, Zachary, Knox County, 2014 4-H Barrel Racing Champion, signs in honor of - HJR85

EZ-Pack/Continental Mixer Solutions, LLC, honoring - HR131

February 6, 2015; Wear Red Day - HR103

Fern Creek High School Wrestling Team, honoring - SR233

Five Women of Distinction, honoring - SR84

Flag over Iwo Jima anniversary, celebrating - HR212

Ford, Caroline, honoring - SR110; HR190

Frankfort First Presbyterian Church, celebrating 200th anniversary of - SR119

Franklin County High School Lady Flyers, honoring - SR218

Fraternal Order of Police, honoring - HR227

Friedlander, Mitzi, honoring - SR133

Gatton Academy, honorary highway signs - HJR14

Gibson, Carl, honoring - HR161

Gilligan, Anna, Demos, Katie, and Lozovoy, Michael, honoring - HR215

Grayson, Trey, honoring - SR15

Griffiths, Alexandra, honoring - HR208

Harper, Steve, honoring - SR12

Harrison, William H., Lieutenant General honoring - HR22

Heaven Hill Brands, honoring - SR82

Hitch, Kim, KAHCF Supportive Care Award, honor for receiving - HR143

Home Builders and Building Industry Associations in Kentucky, honoring - SR111; HR130

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution - SJR78: HCS, SCS

Hunt, Nancy, honoring - HR96

Irish American Heritage Month for Kentucky, recognizing - HR79

Jaco, Dr. David, honoring - SR149; HR181

Jett, Becki, KAHCF Nursing Care Award, honoring - HR144

John Stone, Edward H., renaming Paducah Federal Courthouse in honor of - HR217

Johnstone, Edward H., Federal Building and United States Courthouse, naming of - SR224

Judd, Tommy, honoring - SR64

Justice, Camron, honoring - SR221; HR245

KFC, celebration of - SR118; HR137

Kilgore, Brian, designation highway in Knox County in honor of - HJR83

Kiwanis International, recognizing - HR34

Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center and members of its staff, honoring - SR124

Lebanon Lions Club, honoring - HR51

Lee, Jimmie, honoring - HR146

Lexington Theological Seminary, 150th Anniversary, recognizing - SR188; HR204

London, Kentucky, designate as cycling capital of the Commonwealth - HB458

Mason County Fieldhouse, honoring - HR221

Maysville Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility, honoring - HR145

McConnell, Senator Mitch, honoring - HR102

Mercy Academy volleyball team, honoring - HR233

Minority Business RoundTable, honoring - SR151; HR183

Nally-Martin, Lisa K., honoring - SR122; HR125

Northington, Dr. Wade A., honoring - SR202

Nuclear program workers, day of remembrance, October 30, 2015 - HR178

Ohio County Food Pantry, recognition of - SR80; HR88

Parker, Jackie, honoring - HR186

Patterson, Connor, 2014 National Archer Champion, erect signs on KY 150 in Lincoln Co. honoring - HJR113

Paul, Joe C., amend highway designation, Medal of Honor recipient - SJR78: SFA (3)

Peterson Farms, recognition of - SR43

Pierce, Chris and Rebekah, honoring - SR54

Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, recognition of - SCR79; HCR69

Prindle, Major Jack, honoring - SR87

Putting Veterans to Work Initiative, recognition of - HCR87

Redbanks Colonial Terrace and members of its staff, honoring - HR167

Rice, Sandy, honoring - HR213

Rivers Edge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, honoring - HR182

Rudzinski, Lisa M., honoring - HR192

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, recognizing March as - SR112; HR108

Sindelar, Elijah, honoring - SR99

Snow Removal and Emergency Crews, honoring - HR155

Sousley, Private Franklin Runyon, honoring - SR137

Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee, preservation of language and heritage, commend - HJR76

Southwestern High School Cheer Team, 2013 & 2015 UCA National Champions, signs honoring - SJR78: SFA (2)

Special Olympics of Kentucky's 45th Anniversary, recognizing - HR115

St. Onge III, First Lieutenant Richard, honoring - SR217; HR230

State Employee Appreciation Day, July 1, 2015 - HJR122

Strunk, Paul, honoring - HR173

Stumbo, Dr. Warren Grady, honoring - HR160

Tackett, Marlow, urging inclusion to U.S. 23 Country Music Highway signage - SR145

The Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility and members of its staff, honoring - SR125

UN CEDAW, supporting - SR126; HR91

Union County High School wrestling team, honoring - HR246

United Way, February 25, 2015, as live United Day, declaring - HR158

Vigeant, Bailey, Laurel County, 2013-2014 4-H Barrel Racing Champion, signs in honor of - HJR140

Waste tires, recycling, grants, suspension of - HR206

Western Kentucky University football team, honoring - SR46; HR97

White, Edward, honoring - SR52

Wietholter, Seargeant Justin and Lusardi, Specialist Michael - SR85

Women, supporting - HR91: HFA (1)