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10 coal plants in 10 years, carbon capture and storage technology, Department of Energy - SR 186
Carbon control and sequestration technologies, federal coal lease royalties, use for - SR 187
Job Savings, US EPA, resolution on - HCR 171
mining regulations, coal companies, grandfather provision - HB 543: HCA (1)
Disposal of overburden, streams, requirements and prohibitions for - HB 131
Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB 510: FCCR
Federal Environmental Regulation Impact Assessment Task Force, establishment of - HCR 168
Local ordinances, surface coal mining, exemptions - HB 543
Safety Commission, Hubbard, W. Bryan, confirmation - SR 178
safety specialist, new designation for - HB 407: SCS
safety rights, gender neutral and technical corrections for - SB 165
safety rights, gender-neutral and technical corrections for - HB 544
Mining education and training, first-aid training and other requirements - HB 448
tax on unmined coal reserves, exempt certain reserves from state and local tax - HB 338
tax on unmined coal reserves, expand newly created exemption - HB 338: HFA (1)
tax on unmined coal, standard value of certain reserves established - HB 130
Reorganization of Office of Mine Safety and Licensing, Executive Order 2014-390, confirmation of - HB 407
Severance revenues, distribution - HB 23
Branch Budget, amendment of - HB 510: SCS (1),(2), HCS
Branch Budget, capital projects, amendment of - HB 510: HFA (1)
United States EPA, Congress, requirement to appear - HB 131: HFA (1)
Unmined coal property tax, standard value of certain reserves established - HB 130