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Alcohol, Sunday sales, remove certain population restrictions - HB 457
Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings - HB 279
Boards and commissions, municipal utilities, members to be customers - SB 91
Building Code, direct study of statewide enforcement - HJR 134
Canines, regulation for public safety, breed discrimination disallowed - SB 124
Cemeteries, allow cities to require maintenance of - HB 245
Cities with less than 8,000 people, exempt from minimum wage increase - HB 2: HFA (2)
Collection procedures, due date, installment payments, amnesty - HB 136
products and services - SB 130: SFA (1)
products and services, provision of by local governments - SB 130: SCS
Complaints against police officers, investigation and prosecution - HB 333
Department for Oversight and Compliance, creation of - HB 485
Elected officials, filing deadline change for - HB 158
Eminent domain, statutory requirements for - HB 280
Enclosed public places and places of employment, indoor smoking, prohibition of - HB 145: HFA (1)
Energy project assessment district programs, allow for the creation of local governments - HB 100
Ethics provisions applicable to certain entities - HB 348: SFA (2)
departments, platoons in certain cities, composition of - HB 225
departments, staffing - HB 225: HCS
Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment - SB 189; HB 145; HB 145: HFA (2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(9),(10),(11),(12),(13),(14)
Interlocal agreements, procedures for adding new members - HB 297
Investments - HB 527
Land bank authorities, expand and amend powers and duties - HB 219
government and municipal utilities, exemptions from all requirements - HB 93: HCS
knife ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 146
option sales and use tax, constitutional amendment to allow - HB 1
option sales and use tax, enabling - HB 344
London, Kentucky, designate as cycling capital of the Commonwealth - HB 458
Minimum wage rate setting authority - HB 96
Procurement Code, clarify application of - HB 195
procurement, negotiating with vendors for supplies, permitted categories - HB 195: HCS
Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions - HB 289
electric authority, creation of - HB 290
road aid, fuel tax revenue allotment, increase - HB 513
utility, qualifications to serve on board - SB 91: SCS
Ordinance date, change to July 1, 2016 - SB 124: SFA (1)
Personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties - HB 278
Planned communities, owners associations, rights and obligations - HB 531
and zoning, airport noise overlay district - SB 155
and zoning, appeals, requirement of supersedeas bond - HB 240
Procurement by local governments, prohibit contracting with delinquent state taxpayers - HB 77
Property tax, exemptions for certain data centers - HB 466
annual supplement police and fire fighter increase - SB 200
annual supplement police and firefighter increase - HB 308
Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products or services - SB 130
Sex offenders, prohibition of presence on publically owned playground - HB 27
purpose governmental entities, administrative changes - HB 348
purpose governmental entities, alternative financial review - HB 348
purpose governmental entities, definition, exclusion of certain public housing authorities - HB 348: SFA (2)
Surplus property, low value, disposal methods for - HB 195
limousines, and disabled persons vehicles and drivers, concurrent regulatory authority - SB 153
limousines, and disabled persons vehicles, license fees - SB 153
Traffic flow alteration on city streets, require Transportation Cabinet to hold prior public hearing - HB 233
network companies, concurrent regulatory authority exemption - SB 153: SCS
network companies, license fees, prohibition - SB 153: SCS
Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of - HB 368
Utility franchise fees, cities may refuse utilities the ability to recover from customers - HB 325
Volunteer firefighters, certified volunteer firefighter ID program, repeal of - HB 314