ABLE Act, create Kentucky trust and program for use with - SB188; HB460

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development - HB177: HFA (10), HFA (11); HB393

Abused or neglected, custody of, notice to schools - HB30

Books for Brains Program, board members, expense reimbursement for - SB115: SCS

BPA, prohibit use in food and beverage containers - HB430

Breast-feeding locations, penalty for violation of, establish - SB35

Breastfeeding standards in the workplace, establish - SB36

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, best interest of a child, encourage - HR210

Charter school, enrollment in - SB8; HB174

Child, abused or neglected, procedures for - SB182

Child-care centers, radon testing for - HB462

Children's Advocacy Day, honoring - SR76; HR74

Church bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB433

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to - SB192: CCR, HCS; HB213; HB412: SCS; HB413: SCS

Dependency, neglect and abuse cases, Constitutional rights of persons investigated - SB181

Dextromethorphan, possession and retail sale, prohibition - HB24

Domestic violence, care and custody of pets - HB216

Foster care review board, notice of review, establish - SB140

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren - HB15

Home and hospital instruction visits, increase minimum requirement for - SB101

Human papillomavirus vaccine, encourage education and benefits - HR129

Imminent harm, removal from vehicle, civil immunity - SB43

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, increased funding for - HB427

Interpersonal protective orders, establishment of - HB8; HB8: SCS

Juvenile and family courts, public proceedings, pilot project - SB99

Kentucky Child Care Advisory Council, establish - HB429; HB429: SFA (2)

Local Exchange Option, study relating to - HB213: HFA (1)

Manslaughter in the first degree, elements of - SB102; SB102: SCS

Mental health treatment, permit without parental consent - HB270

Military-connected student, identifier in student information system - HB473

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, treatment and prevention of - SB54; SB54: SCS

Newborn screening program, krabbe disease, included in - SB75; SB75: HCS

Parental rights, termination of - HB42

Pediatric research trust fund, tax checkoff - SB82; SB82: CCR, FCCR, SCS; HB114; HB114: HFA (1); HB178: SCS

Preschool children, Books for Brains Program - SB115; HB414

Protective orders, tenant protections relating to - HB405

Putative father registry, create - SB177; HB441

School bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped - HB433

Sexual offenses, creation of offense for serial abuse of a child - HB226

Shared parenting time, adjustment of child support for - SB50

Shelter and advocacy center funding, increase in - HB432

Smoking, prohibit in vehicle containing child subject to child safety restraint - SB112

Special Olympics, create income tax designation for - SB82: HFA (3); HB178

Spina bifida, provide information - SB159

Supervision by classified school employees - HB540

Tanning devices, use by individuals under the age of 18, prohibition of - HB252

Temporary custody orders, joint custody presumed - SB42; HB94

Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, updates to - SB108; SB108: SCS

Utility shut-off protection, customers with infants under 1 year of age - HB324

Victims of human trafficking, commercial sex, mistake regarding age - HB427: SCS; HB515; HB515: HCS