Abandoned Storage Tank Reclamation Program - SB186; HB386

Address protection program fund, establish - HB316; HB316: HCS

Board of Medical Licensure, licensure of genetic counselors, requirements for - SB170

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriate funds for - HB357

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended - HB31

Department for Oversight and Compliance, creation of - HB485

Early care and education program rating system, limiation of appropriations for - HB234: HFA (1)

Emergency and targeted investment fund expenditures, require General Assembly appropriation for - HB508; HB508: HCS

Executive Branch and Transportation Cabinet budgets, amendment of - HB510: FCCR

Financial Literacy Commission, establishing a fund for - HB375

Hazardous waste management assessment, extend levy of, June 30, 2024 - SB80

HB 419 - SB82: HFA (3)

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, increased funding for - HB427

KEES, dual credit courses eligible for - SB110; HB232: SFA (2); HB265

KY-ASAP, court-imposed service fees for drug traffickers, receipt of - HB50

Levies, 25 percent of proceeds to offset current local tax - HB1: HFA (3)

Long-term-care facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees - SB6: SFA (10), SFA (18); HB431; HB431: HCS

Mandates on public schools, financial support for - SB13

NRA special license plate, appropriation of EF fees for - SB103

Pediatric research trust fund, tax checkoff - SB82; SB82: CCR, FCCR, SCS; HB114; HB178: SCS

Pipeline safety assessment, establishment of - HB272

Postsecondary education, capital project - HB298

Preschool children, Books for Brains Program - SB115; HB414

Problem and Pathological Gamblers Awareness and Treatment Program, establishment of - SB63; HB141

Proceeds for promoting a capital project, prohibition of - HB1: HFA (2), HFA (4)

Public financing for Supreme Court judges - HB63

Refund checkoff, rape crisis center, establish - SB82: CCR, FCCR, HFA (1); HB419

Roll call vote, requirement for - HB28

Roofing contractors certification fees - SB141; HB302

Shelter and advocacy center funding, increase in - HB432

Stream mitigation in-lieu funds, require 25% to be used for infrastructure projects - SB203

Substance abuse treatment programs, appropriations - SB192: HFA (1)

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB45

Twenty-five percent of proceeds from levy and tax, to off-set current local tax - HB1: HFA (1)