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Robert R. Thornsberry Bridge, Knott County, designation of - HJR 8
"Brian Kilgore "Original Bad Boy" 2011 Hall of Fame", designation Knox County - HJR 79
"CMSgt Merton Grigsby Bridge," designate in Perry County - HJR 143
"Deputy Roger Lynch Memorial Highway," designate in Livingston County - SJR 20; HJR 23
"Dr. Eli C. Boggs Bridge," designate in Perry County - HJR 16
"Former State Representative Henry J. Giles Memorial Bridge", designate in Harlan County. - HJR 141
"James T. Gibson Memorial Bridge," designate in Perry County - HJR 140
"Joe 'Bucky' Burchett Bridge," designate in Floyd County - SJR 24
"Jordan Melton Memorial Highway," designate in Leslie County - HJR 66
"Medal of Honor Recipients: SFC Littrell/PFC Skaggs Highway," designate in Henderson County - SJR 58
Carl Stidham Memorial Highway," designate in Perry County - HJR 142
Charles L. Hicks Memorial Drive," designate in Perry County - HJR 139
Stanley C. Jackson Memorial Highway," designate in Fleming County - HJR 149
"SFC Frank Cornett Memorial Bridge," designate in Leslie County - HJR 134
"Sheriff Jerry Combs Memorial Highway," designate in Madison County - HJR 109
2013 Jr. Petite Miss Kentucky, erect signs honoring in Wayne County - HJR 50
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Tunnel, designate in Jefferson County - SJR 112
control, limited exemptions from minimum spacing requirements - HB 120
permits, limited prohibition on requiring compensation for increased property value - HB 120
parking placards, application, advanced practice registered nurses, permit to sign - HB 47
parking placards, limit one per person - HB 47: SFA (2),(3)
Air board, control of firearms on airport property - HB 127
All-terrain vehicles, additional protective headgear exemption - SB 64; HB 260
Automotive recycling dealers, exempt from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - HB 481
Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2014-2016 - HB 237; HB 237: SCS, HCS, HFA (1), FCCR
regulations, direct Transportation Cabinet to withdraw - HJR 177
regulations, urge Transportation Cabinet to withdraw - HR 126; HCR 171
driving, elimination of waiting period for nighttime driving privileges - SB 143
driving, use of left and right side mirrors, require - SB 143
Bobby Mackey Highway, designate in Lewis County - HJR 181
Carter, Jason, Country Music Highway, include and erect signs - SJR 209
Certificate of driving, establishment of - HB 530
Child booster seats, age and size requirements - HB 199
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Governance Task Force, establish - HCR 183
City classification system reform - HB 331; HB 331: HCS
motor vehicles, weight tolerance, transportation of agricultural products - SB 44; SB 44: SCS
quadricycles, inspection requirement - HB 86: HFA (4)
quadricycles, require local government enabling ordinance - HB 86: HFA (5)
quadricycles, safety standards for - HB 86: HFA (4)
Cpl. Stevie Smallwood Memorial Highway, designate in Leslie County - HJR 34
license plates, allow chiropractors to write statement for obtainment of - HB 255: HFA (3)
parking placards, allow chiropractors to write statement for obtainment of - HB 47: SFA (1); HB 255: HFA (1),(3)
parking placards, tamper-evident material, requirements for - HB 255: HCS
parking placards, tamper-evident stickers, requirements for - HB 255
parking violations, increased penalties for second and subsequent offenses - HB 255: HFA (2)
Drivers trapped in floods, liability for costs of rescue - HB 80
End Distracted Driving Awareness Month recognizing April 2014 as - HR 199
Special License Plate, decrease initial fee - HB 281
Special License Plate, increase donation to FOP Death Fund for initial plate - HB 281
Funds transfer to general fund for amount of tolls income tax credit claimed - HB 41
Funeral processions, require use of emergency flashers during - HB 231
Garrison, Col. Vermont, honorary roadside sign on KY 192 in Pulaski County - SJR 206
Star Siblings license plates, delayed effective date, January 1, 2015 - HB 452: HCS
Star Siblings license plates, establishment of - HB 452; SB 108: HFA (3)
Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution - HJR 7: SCS, HCS
Horse racing on highways, prohibition on, repeal - HB 519
Ignition interlock license, provisions for - HB 86: HFA (1),(2)
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Dana B. Mayton - SR 251
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Don C. Kelly - SR 252
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Glenn B. Mitchell - SR 253
Land Between the Lakes heritage plan, signatories - HR 256
Larkin Lewis Memorial Bridge, designate in Leslie County - HJR 35
Lincoln County Veterans Highway, designation - HJR 53
Liquefied and compressed natural gas as transportation fuel, use of certain fees imposed thereon - HB 466
Little League Baseball State Champions, 11-12 year old division, signage in Knox County - HJR 138
Mass transportation, publicly owned, exclusion from tolls - HB 41
Matt and Mary Stidham Memorial Highway, designate in Leslie County - HJR 32
speed limits, four lane noninterstate highways, 65 MPH - SB 92
speed limits, four lane non-interstate highways, 65 MPH - HB 58
Minors, ineligibility to prepay traffic violations - HB 90: HCS
carrier certificates, omnibus revisions - SB 177; HB 513
carrier transportation contracts, indemnification clauses in - SB 59
fuels tax, establish minimum value - HB 445: HCS
fuels tax, remove changes to average wholesale price - HB 445: HFA (1)
fuels taxes, require General Assembly action for any change to - HB 22
Vehicle Commission advisory committees, representation of general public - HB 425
vehicle commission statutes, omnibus revision, required bond and insurance, offsite sales - HB 169
vehicle event data recorder, use of, requirements for - SB 183
vehicle insurance violation, threshold for - HB 295, 464
vehicle operators, entering or crossing at steady red light, affirmative defense - HB 197
vehicle towing and storage liens, precedence of - HB 377
vehicle usage tax, exemption for vehicles on MSO transferred to used car dealer - HB 169: SCS
Motorcycle operators, entering or crossing at steady red light, affirmative defense - HB 197
Napier, Randy, erect signs in Perry County honoring him as winningest girls' basketball coach - SJR 135
Non-motorized vehicles, insurance requirements for - HB 86: HFA (3)
Noxious weeds, invasive plants, eradication of - SB 170; HB 434; HB 434: HCS
Oil and gas pipelines, condemnation authority relating to - SB 14, 21; SB 100: HFA (1); SB 192: HFA (1); HB 355: SFA (2),(3); HB 573: SFA (1),(2)
Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, propelling a vehicle by muscular power exempted from - HB 86
Operator's licenses, designation of hearing or speech impairment, provide for - HB 534
on highway shoulder or ramp, fine for certain vehicles - HB 275
on highway shoulder or ramp, provide exemptions for - HB 275: HCS
Passenger alcohol consumption, prohibitions relating to - HB 86: HCS
Pearl Harbor Survivor SSG John C. Toy Highway, designate in Montgomery County - HJR 136
PO2 Albert Martin Memorial Highway WWII Hero, designate in Powell County - HJR 135
Police Memorial Highway, Woodford County, designation of - HJR 15
mass transit providers, appropriate money to, coordination of transit subsidies for veterans - SB 139
transportation, offenses against user or operator of - HB 25
partnership, clarify use of - SB 5: HFA (22); HB 407: SCS, HCS
partnership, method for use in major constuction projects - HB 407
Pvt. Arnold Morgan Memorial Bridge, designate in Leslie County - HJR 33
Recreational vehicle manufacturers and dealers, requirements for - HB 133; HB 133: HCS
Rural transportation planning organizations, establishment - SB 167
Ryan J. Montgomery Memorial Highway, designate in Green County - SJR 200
Secondary metals recyclers, exempt from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles - HB 481
Six year road plan, last four years of - HJR 62; HJR 62: SCS, HCS, HFA (1), FCCR
military service academy license plate, establishment of - HB 322: HCS
military service academy license plates, establishment of - HB 322
Staff Sgt. Garth Sizemore Memorial Highway, designate in Montgomery County - HJR 120
State highways, 15 mile weight allowance to reach AAA highway - HB 94: SFA (3)
Technical corrections, gender-neutral references - SB 186, 196; HB 512
prohibition, clarification of exemptions - HB 33: HFA (1)
prohibition, exemption of hands free devices - HB 33: HCA (1)
prohibition, limits on exemptions, clarification of - HB 33: HCS
Tires, rubber on all vehicle wheels, requirement for - HB 514
Towing and storage of vehicles, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - HB 110; HB 110: HCS
Traffic violations, minors, adjudicating without presence of parent or guardian, prohibition of - HB 90: HCS
Transportation Cabinet Budget - HB 236; HB 236: SCS (1),(2), HCS, HFA (1)
Transporters of household goods, certification of - SB 23
Uniform traffic citations, copy provided to parent or guardian of young drivers - HB 90
Vehicle headlamps, required use during periods of precipitation, 2000 or newer models - HB 74
Vulnerable users of a public roadway, penalties for serious physical injury or death of - HB 156
Water vessel removal assistance fund, establishment of - SB 40

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