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Certified historic structure, expand tax credit for - HB 258
Dog owner liability, definition of owner - SB 78; HB 162; SB 78: SFA (1)
Domestic violence, assault, stalking, and crime victims, real property protections relating to - HB 166
Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels - HB 167
Licensure, continuing education requirements for - SB 51
Mechanic's liens, operation of relative to oil, gas, and other mineral leases - HB 439
Mortgage, loan modification resulting in a lower interest rate, secured - HB 206
of redemption, sale pursuant to a court order, purchaser, costs to be recouped by - HB 490
of redemption, sale pursuant to a judgment or order of a court, time period of - HB 490
Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination - HB 171
Sinkhole coverage, property insurance, required - HB 498, 576
Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable - HB 65

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