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Merchant generating facilities, public meetings required upon request of local gov't - HB 291: HCS
emergency services, funding for - HB 391
fees, collection of by local governments - HB 273
impact areas, designation of - HB 278; HB 278: HFA (1),(2)
regulatory fees, limitations on - HB 415; HB 415: HCS
Animal shelters, allowable methods of euthanasia - HB 222
Blighted property, eminent domain proceedings - HB 541
Bonds, industrial revenue, reinvestment in manufacturing sites - HB 489; SB 153: HCS
Cable television providers, contracts or franchise agreements with - HB 39
Casino gaming, taxation of - HB 68
Cities in the same county as a consolidated local government, alcohol sales jurisdiction of - HB 102
classification, Booneville, reclassification of from 6th to 4th - SB 71
classification, Clarkson, reclassification from 6th to 5th class - HB 124
classification, Coal Run Village, reclassification from 6th to 5th class - HB 280
classification, Columbus, reclassification of from 5th to 6th - HB 274
publication costs of delinquent taxes, proration of - HB 176
reclassification of - HB 398: HCS
reclassification, Crestwood from fifth to fourth class - HB 290
reclassification, Williamstown from 5th to 4th - HB 174
audits and financial statements, electronic distribution permitted - HB 176
classification system reform - HB 331; HB 331: HCS
ordinances, deletion of materials, procedure - HB 176
Civil service commissions, amendments, permitted and prohibited - HB 183
Louisa, reclassification from fifth to fourth class - HB 461
Russell Springs, reclassification of from 5th to 4th class - HB 497
Coal severance tax receipts, amend distribution thereof through the LGEDF and LGEAF funds - HB 515
Commercial quadricycles, require local government enabling ordinance - HB 86: HFA (5)
local government, tranisent room tax, uses - HB 401; HB 401: HCS
local governments, discretionary funds - HB 29
local governments, mayor, removal - HB 353: HFA (1)
local governments, succession of mayor in case of vacancy - HB 353
Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of - HB 158
Constitutional amendment, elimination of Judge of County Court in merged local government - HB 582
Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 96
Counties, county clerks, charitable collections - SB 163
cemetery boards, allow additional funding - HB 152
clerks, charitable collection of funds - SB 163: HFA (1)
consolidation, process for - HB 160
Daylight saving time, exemption from - HB 431
District board salary requirements - HB 365: HCS
Donation of game meat for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB 18
Drivers trapped in floods, liability for costs of rescue - HB 80
generation facility, public meeting to be held - HB 291
plant boards, new governing boards - SB 48
Electrical inspections, minor repairs by homeowners, clarify parameters of - HB 38: HFA (1)
project assessment district programs, allow for the creation of by local governments - HB 404
project assessment district programs, modify program terms and fees - HB 404: HCS
project assessment district programs, retroactivity of program term amendments - HB 404: HFA (1)
Ethics code, subpoena power - SB 53
Financial operations and support, for PVA's and jailers - HB 129
districts, trustees - HB 101
protection district, board salary requirements - HB 365: HCS
protection district, board salary requirements and trustee membership - HB 365
Firearm safety ordinances, authorization of - HB 151
Firefighter, occupational disease, cancer - HB 251
Firefighters foundation program fund, annual supplement from, increase in - HB 352
Guaranteed energy savings performance contracting, set requirements for contractors - HB 489
offices, any two with authority to levy taxes - HB 276: HCS (1)
offices, any two with authority to levy taxes or set rates or fees - HB 276
offices, special purpose governmental entities with authority to levy taxes - HB 276: HCS (2)
Independent district boards of health, membership - HB 339
Indigent defendants, responsibility for expenses - HB 264
premium tax, bank-owned life insurance, authorize and limit - HB 315
tax, exempt self-insured governmental groups from - HB 170: SCS
Jail officer, complaint against, required procedure - HB 239
Infrastructure Authority, board membership, changes to - HB 381: HCS
Infrastructure Authority, membership, change of - HB 381
bank authorities, clarify provisions relating to property - HB 403: HFA (1)
bank authorities, obtaining tax delinquent property, process for - HB 403: HCS
enforcement foundation program fund, annual supplement, increase in - HB 352
enforcement telecommunicators, training and employment reimbursement - HB 405; HB 405: SCS
Legal costs, not responsible for certain expenses - HB 264: HFA (1)
districts; board members' terms - SB 75: SFA (1)
districts; creation - SB 75: SFA (1)
boards of health, limit powers of - SB 88
option sales and use tax, allow only one levy at any one time by a city or county - HB 399: HFA (4)
option sales and use tax, constitutional amendment to allow - SB 135; HB 399
option sales and use tax, disclosures by persons promoting approval or disapproval - HB 399: HFA (3)
option sales and use tax, prohibit public funding for advertising to promote approval of - HB 399: HFA (1)
option sales and use tax, prohibition of the resubmission of disapproved levies for 5 years - HB 399: HFA (2)
option sales tax, restrict use of proceeds of - HB 399: HFA (7)
property tax exemption for certain data center equipment - HB 308
transient room tax, allow urban-counties to impose additional tax for certain purposes - HB 544: HCS
transient room tax, allow urban-counties to impose additional tax to support development - HB 544
Make technical correction - HB 569
generating facilities, notice to Attorney General, setback requirements - HB 291: HFA (2)
generating facilities, setback requirements - HB 291: HFA (1)
Mobile command center owned by a local government, use of oscillating lights and sirens - HB 523
Municipal utilities, reporting requirements under KRS Chapter 65A - HB 192: HCS
Nonprofit corporations providing ambulance service may attach fees to property tax bills - HB 188
Office of Controller, liaison and outreach duties as related to federal agencies and taxation - HB 129: HCS
meetings and records and records retention, distribution of by electronic means - HB 176
records, willful withholding of, penalties for, agency head - SB 130
Pawnbroker, law enforcement, changes to reporting requirement - SB 226
and zoning, airport noise overlay district - SB 97
and zoning, land use amendments and conditional use permits - SB 144
and Zoning, land use amendments and conditional use permits - SB 144: SCS
Prepaid wireless service charge, imposition and collection of - SB 219
Primary filing deadlines, change date to end of December - HB 340
Public library district, alternative method of creation - SB 75
Public-private partnerships, method for use of - HB 407
allow deferral until after General Assembly redistricting - HB 115
permit at any time to align district boundaries and delete precincts - SB 210
Required publication in newspaper, alternative Internet Web site posting - SB 101
Retired law enforcement officers, reemployment of - HB 364; HB 364: SCS
Rural transportation planning organizations, establishment - SB 167
Safe drop off drugs program, local governments, alternative programs, creation of - HB 417
Schools, prevailing wage, elimination of - HB 419
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 235; HB 235: SCS, HCS, HFA (14), FCCR
Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed-use projects, amend - HB 542
TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB 46
Unified local emergency management agencies among county-level governments - HB 405: SCS
United Nations Agenda 21, local government implementation, prohibition of - SB 31
Unmined minerals tax, collection, permit to extract, requirement for collection of - HB 380
Urban renewal, merged and consolidated governments - HB 561
Volunteer fire departments, increase in levies for - HB 459
Voter instructions, number of candidates to be voted for - HB 367

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