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Department of Vehicle Regulation, authority to issues liens for unpaid motor carrier fees - SB 177; HB 513
vehicles, confirmation of lien and tax status with county clerk - SB 84: SFA (2)
vehicles, liability of salvage yards for failure to check liens - SB 84: SFA (1)
vehicles, require lien check prior to surrendering title - SB 84
Land bank authorities, clarify process by which title to property may be claimed - HB 403: HFA (1)
Local government energy project assessments, establish senior tax lien status - HB 404
Mechanic's liens, operation of relative to oil, gas, and other mineral leases - HB 439
Motor vehicle towing and storage, precedence of - HB 377
Self-storage liens, notice requirements and authorization of late fees - SB 150; SB 150: SCS
Towing and storage of vehicles, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - HB 110; HB 110: HCS
Universities and colleges, Department of Revenue not permitted to collect debts of - HB 122

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