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Alcoholic beverages, consumption by passengers on waterways - SB 218
Annual Fish and Wildlife report to LRC on enforcement officer hospitality training, requirement of - SB 66: SCS, HFA (4)
Bees and hives, inclusion in livestock and poultry disease control disposal protocols - SB 179
flag for medical emergencies, require Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to sell - HB 216
law enforcement, provisions relating to - SB 66: HCS, HFA (3)
law enforcement, reasonable suspicion required for officer to board boat - SB 66
law enforcement, reasonable suspicion required to stop or enter upon boat - SB 66: SCS, HFA (4)
safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for - HB 107
Coal combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 241
Commission member nominations, sportsmen, no change in method for - SJR 67: SFA (1)
Conservation officers, State Police command and control of - SB 66: HFA (1)
Coyotes, hunting at night, enhanced penalties for hunting without landowner permission - HB 436
Donation of game meat for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB 18
Endangered or threatened plant species, taking, prohibition against and penalty for - HB 491
and Wildlife Resources Commission, appointed members of, open and nondiscriminatory access to - SJR 67
and Wildlife Resources Commission, clarify affect of openness requirements - SJR 67: SFA (3)
and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation of reappointment of James R. Angel - SR 273
and fishing on own farmlands, residents only, requirement for - HB 448: HCS
dogs, hunting and training at night at any time of year, requirements - HB 436
Kentucky River Authority, membership, requirements for - HB 508
License or permit applicants, voter registration, information on procedures - SB 220
Service monkey, adult living with paralysis - SB 80
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 235; HB 235: SCS, HCS, HFA (14), FCCR
Taking rare and endangered plants, clarification of types of property affected - HB 491: HCS
Toyoda Gosei Afforestation Project Event, commemoration of - SR 236; HR 204
Wildlife on farmlands, hunting and trapping of - HB 448

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