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abuse registry - HB 256
abuse, neglect, or exploitation, reporting of - SB 98
Advance deposit account wagering licensees, taxation of - HB 522
Advisory Council for Medical Assistance, technical advisory committee on pharmacy, create - HB 286
Affordable Care Act, school district employees, eligibility of - HB 26
Agricultural Development Board, Kentucky Agricultural Finance corporation, reorganization of - SB 104
Benefit cards, photo ID required - HB 555
Breast cancer treatment, information to be provided - HB 123
Cabinet for Health and Family Services, administrative regulations - HB 527
Caregiver affidavit, authority to make health and school decisions for children - SB 176
Certified historic structure, expand tax credit for - HB 258
Charity auction, sales and use tax, exempt, August 1, 2014 - HB 247
Child-care centers, radon inspection for - HB 411
Coal County College Completion Student Services Grant, institutions eligible for - HB 2
Conservation Builder voluntary certification program, establishment of - HB 356
school improvement tax credit, tax periods beginning on or after December 31, 2013 - HB 141
Community mental health centers, to be payment based on cost-based prospective payment system - HB 526
Conservation contribution, income tax credit for - HB 376
Court ordered treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse - HB 240
of Education, school finance officers, certification of - HB 154: SCS
of Public Advocacy, alternative sentencing social workers, requirements - HB 221
Diabetes treatment, caregiver assistance - SB 103
Diabetes, treatment in school settings - SB 30; HB 98; HB 98: HCS
Donated Dental Services Program, establishment - HB 119
Drug-addicted or dependent newborns, statistical reporting relating to - SB 47
Early fetal death, certificate of - HB 257
Electric generation facility, public meeting to be held in affected counties - HB 291
Emergency medical services protocol, requirements - HB 564
Endangered or threatened plant species, taking, prohibition against and penalty for - HB 491
Exemption from state and local property tax for certain data center - HB 308
Family care-giving, study - HCR 20
Federally chartered corporation, sales of tangible personal property, exempt - HB 488
Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 70
Literacy Commission, creation of - HB 223
literacy course, required for high school graduation - HB 77
Fines, violation of abortion informed consent law - HB 184
Firefighter, presumption for occupational disease, cancer - HB 251; HB 251: HCS
Food and food ingredients sold through vending machines, exemption - HB 312
Food, genetically engineered, labeling of - HB 441
Funds transfer to general fund for amount of tolls income tax credit claimed - HB 41
Health professionals, Medicaid missed appointment fee - SB 52
Health-facility-acquired infections, rate reporting and infection procedures for, requirement - HB 460
Hearing exam, school physicals - SB 32
Human papillomavirus immunization, requirement - HB 311
HVAC professionals, new licensure requirements for - HB 456
Income tax, community rehabilitation tax credit - HB 10
Individual income tax, airline payment amount, extension of time to file refund for - HB 89
Indoor smoking, prohibiting, exceptions, penalties - HB 173
Insurance policy changes, establish procedures for - SB 185
Internal revenue code, update the reference date - HB 445: HCS
KEES, dual credit courses eligible for - SB 87
board of Education, superintendents training and assessment - HB 75
Child Care Advisory Council, establish - HB 525
Department of Education, compilation of required reports - HB 473
Industrial Revitalization Act, allow tax incentives for supplemental projects - HB 483
Jobs Retention Act, expand eligibility for incentive projects - HB 396
Retirement Systems, support full payment of the actuarially required contribution rate - HR 29
Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill - HB 333
Kentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition Plan, refund provisions for - HB 279
Law enforcement foundation program fund, annual supplement, increase in - HB 352
Licensed practitioners, National Guard, inclusion in definition of - HB 538
Limited liability entity tax, modification of cost of goods sold deduction - HB 136
government energy project assessments, allow for the imposition thereof - HB 404
history organizations, create income tax refund designation for - HB 214
transient room tax, allow urban-counties to impose additional tax to support development - HB 544
facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees - HB 277
staffing ratios, implement - HB 549
Mammogram, dense breast notification - HB 509
Medicaid managed care organization, appeal rights - SB 166; HB 361; SB 166: SCS
cannabis, authorization and regulation of - HB 350
parole, prisoners with substantial or chronic conditions, provision for - HB 397
review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation - SB 119
Medication-induced abortion, prior physical examination required - HB 163
Merchant generating facilities, public meetings required - HB 291: HCS
Nonteaching time, required - HB 202
Outpatient mental health treatment, establish court orders for - SB 50
Pari-mutuel wage tax, provisions for - HB 423
Pediatric abusive head trauma, require physician training on - HB 157
Postsecondary education tuition, waiver for law enforcement officer's survivor - HB 194
Products containing bisphenol-A, prohibition on sale of - HB 147
assistance benefits, prohibited purchases - HB 563
assistance, high school or GED diploma required - HB 469
assistance, substance abuse screening - HB 556
Safe drop off drugs program, local governments, reporting on and creation of - HB 417
Salary, constitutional amendment establishing commission to set - HB 182
Sales and use tax incentives for, Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act - HB 282
and Head Start-based dental programs, Medicaid managed care reimbursement - SB 159
finance officers, training requirements for - HB 154
Schools, safety and discipline plans, requirement to report on - SB 200: SCS
Special military service academy license plates, establishment of - HB 322
agency children, reimbursement for services provided - HB 506
minimum wage, increase - HB 1
Technical corrections - HB 445
Therapy, expedited partner, establishing - HB 146
Vendor compensation, increase - HB 227
Welfare to work, 12 month income disregard - HB 554
Workers' compensation coverage, notification system, development of - HB 467

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