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Alcoholic beverage licensing and regulation, various changes to - SB 198; SB 83: SCS
Brandy and fortified wine license, small farm winery may apply for - SB 83: HFA (1)
Cities in the same county as a consolidated local government, alcohol sales jurisdiction of - HB 102
Craft distillery license, creation of - SB 83
Income tax credit, distillers - HB 445: FCCR
Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, propelling a vehicle by muscular power exempted from - HB 86
Passenger alcohol consumption, prohibitions relating to - HB 86: HCS
Regulatory fees, city and county imposition of - HB 415; HB 415: HCS
Sales limitations within alcohol impact areas - HB 278; HB 278: HFA (1),(2)
State parks, local option election to sell alcoholic beverages at - HB 475
Wholesale sales tax, remove - HB 220

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