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Board of trustees of judicial and legislative retirement plan, prohibitions, clarification of - HB 63
Circuit Court, retired, appointment of, legislative ethics adjudicatory hearing officer - SB 140
Death penalty, replace with life imprisonment without parole - SB 45; HB 48
Forcible entry and detainer cases, certification of necessity of trail commissioners for - HB 410
HIV, testing of sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required - HB 107; HB 107: HCS
Public financing for Supreme Court judicial race, establishment of - HB 31
allow onetime opt-out for members of the Judicial Retirement Plan - SB 165
reference to judges, technical correction - SB 2: SFA (1)
restriction of account consolidation with other state systems - HB 24, 90, 413
Senior Status Special Judges and elected office, prohibition of during certain timeframe - HB 427

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