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access restrictions, Cumberland River, USACE, request removal of - SR 112; HR 88
safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for - HB 277
Catfish, commercial anglers, pay lakes, department regulation for - HB 403
Coal combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 223
Concurrent jurisdiction, lands of the Interior located in Kentucky, criminal enforcement for - SB 65
Coyote, hunting at night, artificial light, authorization to - HB 60: HCS
Coyotes, population control, year-round open season for - HB 60
Crossbow, archery season, use of - HB 417
Donated processed wildlife, sale of - SB 32
and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Jimmy Bevins - SR 153
and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Stephen M. Glenn - SR 154
and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Terry K. Teitloff - SR 155
Hunting and fishing, restructuring of certain licenses and permits - SB 203; HB 150
Illegally taken white-tailed deer, elk, bears, turkeys, and bobcats, enhanced restitution value of - HB 261
Kentucky Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to - HB 271, 281
Mounted wildlife specimens, Department of Fish & Wildlife, regulations for - SB 32: SCS
Multi-year hunting and fishing licenses and permits, allow regulations establishing - SB 203; HB 150
Sales of mounted wildlife specimens, administrative regulations allowing - HB 261
Sand and gravel operations, in stream removal, requirements for - SB 134
Senior/disabled hunting and fishing license, qualifications for, disability insurance beneficiaries - HB 208
State waterfowl stamp, commission painting for, repeal - SB 203; HB 150
TMDL development, Web site information and public notice, requirements for - HB 378

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