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American-made uniforms and safety equipment, acquisition requirement - SB 7
Casino gaming, licensing of - HB 52
CERS, retiree health reimbursements paid to system by school districts for employed retirees - HB 75
Charter schools, transfer of funds to - HB 76
Cigarette surtax, snuff and other tobacco products excise tax - HB 388
Teachers' Retirement System, allow onetime opt-out for members - SB 165
Teachers' Retirement System, employers allowed to cease participation for new hires - SB 168
Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill - HB 411: HCS
Teachers' Retirement System, reemployment after retirement - HB 411
Retirement Plan, account consolidation with other state systems, restriction of - HB 21
Retirement Plan, benefit based upon high 5 years of salary rather than high 3 - HB 328
Legislator's Retirement Plan, close plan to new entrants - SB 14
Retirement Plan, close plan to new entrants and allow opt-out for current members - HB 20, 237
Retirement Plan, closing of plan to new entrants and establishment of new plan - HB 26
Retirement Plan, cost of purchasing service credit - SB 193
Retirement Plan, new members - SB 7: SCS (2)
Retirement Plan, opt-out for current members, allowance of - HB 63: HFA (1)
Retirement Plan, restrict account consolidation with other state systems - SB 7: SCS (1)
Retirement - SB 2
closing of Legislators' Retirement Plan to new members - SB 12
pension reform for KERS, CERS, and SPRS - SB 2: HCS
require state retirement systems to disclose retirement account information - SB 57
restriction of account consolidation with other state systems - HB 24, 48, 413

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