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deposit account wagering, taxation of - HB 189
deposit wagering, create an excise tax for - HB 142
Airports, noise levels, tax credit for noise insulation - HB 397
Angel investor tax credit program, creation of - HB 17, 280
Automated business record falsification devices or zappers, possession prohibited - HB 185
of Tax Appeals, confirmation, Lanola Parsons - SR 162
of Tax Appeals, confirmation, M. Melinda Karns - SR 161
Casino admission tax, establishment of - HB 52
Certificates of delinquency, amend statute of limitations for collection - HB 200
Charitable organizations, mounted wildlife specimens, regulations governing sale of - SB 32: SCS
paper tax, reeenactment - HB 140
surtax, impose - HB 388
surtax, increase in - HB 139
tax evidence, deferred payment of - HB 263
severance tax credit for supplying coal to certain utilities, creation of - HB 211: HFA (5),(6)
severance tax revenues, reimbursement of utility stranded costs through use of - HB 211: HFA (2)
of delinquent tax debts owed to local governments by the Department of Revenue, allow - HB 232
of delinquent taxes and other debts owed to the Commonwealth, allow through contract - HB 426
Environmental remediation property, modification of tax credit for - HB 134
tax on snuff, chewing tobacco, and tobacco products, imposition - HB 361
tax on snuff, chewing tobacco, tobacco products, imposition of - HB 361: HCS
Farmers, estimated tax payments, extend due date for - SB 153
Federally documented non-commercial vessels, exempt from state and local property tax - HB 373
Gaming tax, establishment of - HB 52
Gasoline tax, provision for increase to support interlocal transportation projects. - HB 36
tax credit for contribution to a school tuition organization - HB 407
tax, community rehabilitation tax credit - HB 10
tax, distilled spirits credit, establish - HB 276
tax, estimated tax penalty, amendment to mimic federal calculation - HB 325
tax, food donation credit, sunset in 4 years - HB 141: HCS
income, discharge of indebtedness related to principal residence, exempt - HB 337: SCA (2); HB 361: SCA (2)
income, individual investor tax credit, create - HB 337: SCA (2)
income from discharge of indebtedness, exclude - SB 133
income from discharge of indebtedness, exclusion - HB 400
Interest calculation for tax overpayments and underpayments, modification of - HB 324
Internal Revenue Code, update to reference date of - HB 301
Job stimulus income tax credit - HB 406
Business Investment program, clarify "agribusiness" as including industrial hemp processing - SB 50: HFA (4)
Investment Fund Act tax credit program, expand to include individual investors - HB 337: SCA (2)
Retirement Systems sustainability trust fund, designate funds - HB 416: HCS
Retirement Systems, fund liabilities - HB 440: FCCR
option sales tax, constitutional amendment to allow - SB 189
property tax, amend application of 1979 HB 44 provisions - HB 317
Make technical corrections - HB 416
Microbreweries, collection of taxes on sales at - HB 440
Mobile homes, aircraft, and boats, reporting to property valuation administrator - HB 215
vehicles consigned to a licensed dealer for sale, clarification of the property taxation of - HB 313
vehicles in possession of licensed dealer for sale, clarification of the property taxation of - HB 313: HCS
gas, liquefied or compressed, for motor vehicle fuel, tax incentives for - HB 212
resources severance and processing tax, extension of tax credit for certain limestone - SB 111
resources severance tax, amend definition of processing - HB 216
Markets Development Program, amend requirements and increase tax credit cap - HB 405
Markets Development Program, require payment of refundable performance fee - HB 405
Organ donation, income tax credit established for promotion of - HB 112
Other tobacco products excise tax, increase - HB 388
Property tax bills, threshold amount for preparation of - HB 121
Property, litigation fees, certificates of deliquency, establish reasonableness - HB 296
Public financing for Supreme Court judicial campaigns, create tax refund designation for - HB 31
Remediation of environmentally contaminated property, tax credit - HB 213
Require special purpose governmental entities to report fees and rates to city governing bodies - HB 1: FCCR
Roll call vote, requirement for - HB 12
Rural electric co-op taxes, repeal - HB 142
and use tax, coins, currency, and bullion, exemption - SB 19
and use tax, food and food ingredients sold through vending machines, exemption - HB 62
and use tax, holiday - HB 16
and use tax, manufactured homes, exemption - HB 307
and use, horse farm purchases, exemption - HB 175
at microbrewery, taxation of - HB 440: HCS
Small Business Tax Credit Program, short title for Subchapter 60 of KRS Chapter 154 - HB 6
Snuff excise tax, increase - HB 388
State tax records, release pursuant to court order in criminal prosecutions - HB 353; HB 353: HFA (1)
increment financing, minimum investment required for state participation - HB 260
increment financing, reduction in required investment, allowance of - HB 260: HFA (1)
reform, comprehensive - HB 142
products, license, requirements - HB 263
taxes, increase rate - HB 142
Transient room tax, usage of - HB 258
TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB 352
Urban-county governments, room rental tax, additional rate for community development - HB 57: SCA (1)
Vehicles, natural gas, remove tax credits for - HB 212: HFA (1),(2),(3)
Volunteer firefighters, income tax deduction for - HB 227

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