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Biomass energy facility, recovery of costs - SB 46
Cellphone, prepaid, 911 service charge - SB 167
Cities, franchise bidder, prohibition on recovering franchise fee through fee or surcharge - HB 40
City natural gas distribution, extension, aquisition, condemnation - HB 27
Coal ash impoundments, disposal, emergency action plans, requirements for - HB 223
Cooperatives, generation and transmission, consolidation, requirement - HB 423
Deregulation, generation, incumbent retail supplier, no requirement to serve - HB 211: HCS
Energy efficiency plan, urge the Energy and Environment Cabinet to develop and implement - HCR 15
adjustment clause, prohibit use by gas-fired baseload generators - HB 110
choice, sources with wide standard price deviation prohibited - HB 363
Municipalities, electricity, renewable sources required - HB 170
Natural gas systems, allow extension of and sale outside city - HB 27: HCS; HB 338: SCA (1)
Service Commission, confirmation, James W. Gardner - SR 137
Service Commission, confirmation, Linda K. Breathitt - SR 138
Reimbursement of utility stranded costs through certain coal severance tax revenues - HB 211: HFA (2)
Special rate tariff program for large industrial consumers of electricity, creation of - HB 211: HFA (5),(6)
Stranded costs, electric supplier, large consumer to reimburse - HB 211: HFA (4)
Telecommunications, certain requirements for the CMRS fee 911 for prepaid cell services, removal of - HB 335
utilities, deregulation of - SB 88; SB 62: HFA (2); SB 119: HFA (1)
utilities, outages, repair and reporting of - HB 53

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