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"Bataan Memorial Bypass," designation" in Mercer County - HJR 8
"Kenny Price Memorial Highway," designation in Boone County - SJR 25
"Lester Phillips Memorial Bridge," designation in Harlan County - HJR 5
Allen Amburgey Highway in Knott County, designation of - HJR 51
All-terrain vehicles, additional protective headgear exemption - HB 438
Alternative funding for road construction, study of - HCR 86
B. Michael Caudill Middle School World Championship Archery Team, Madison County, signs in honor of - SJR 13
Banjo Pickers Highway in Letcher County, designation of - HJR 20
Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with - HB 119
Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with, clarification in - HB 119: HCS
Cpl. Will Baker Memorial Bridge, designate in Leslie County - HJR 38
Design/build projects, cost limit for - HB 445: SCS, HCS
Doolin, Kristal, Knox County, 2013 Teacher of Year, signs in honor of - HJR 66
Doris B. Osborne Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County - SJR 57
DUI, penalties imposed - HB 32
Fire Chief Louis Crosier Highway in Hardin County, designation of - HJR 10
George Wooton Memorial Bridge, designate in Leslie County - HJR 61
Hank Hancock Highway, designate in Franklin County - HJR 58
Harold G. Newman Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County - SJR 58
Harrodsburg Tankers Bataan Memorial Bypass, designate in Mercer County - HJR 56
Henry B. Mattingly Highway in Bullitt County, designation - HJR 55
Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution - SJR 14: SCS, HCS; HJR 36: HCS
Intersections with inoperable traffic signals, treat as four-way stops - SB 58
Joe B. Hall Bridge, designate in Harrison County - HJR 70
Kentucky Headhunters Band Highway in Metcalfe County, designation of - HJR 43
1146, PFC Billy Ray Patrick Memorial Highway, designation - HJR 60
867, Spc. Ralph Honaker, Jr. Memorial Highway, designation - SJR 49; HJR 84
Limited commemorative boundary signs, permit the sale of - HB 447
Lt. Tommy Baker Memorial Bridge, designate in Leslie County - HJR 37
Mass transportation, publicly owned, exclusion from tolls. - HB 129
Maximum vehicle gross weight limits, exemptions for issuance of citations for violation of - HB 122
Cherry & Pippi Hardin Highway, designate in Crittenden County - SJR 17
Haydon Memorial Highway, designation - SJR 14
establish exemptions allowing the operation of - HB 273
use on roadways with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less - HB 124
fuels tax, adjust computation of - HB 142
vehicle operators, entering or crossing at steady red light, affirmative defense - HB 437
Motorcycle operators, entering or crossing at steady red light, affirmative defense - HB 437
Overweight haul permits for motor carriers, aluminum - HB 389
Pfc. Dustin Gross Memorial Highway in Montgomery County, designation of - HJR 87
Public transportation projects, public-private partnership for financing of - HB 456
Pvt. Evan Moose Pettypiece Memorial Bridge, designation in Harlan County - SJR 93
Representative Teddy Edmonds Highway, designate in Breathitt County - HJR 11
The Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Highway, designation of - SJR 102
Tolls, authorize regulations relating to - HB 441
231 in Warren County, Kafoglis, Senator Nick, honorary highway designation - HJR 102
60 in Carter County, Grills, Billie, EMT, memorial highway designation - SJR 87
68 in Marion County, Deputy Sheriff Carl Anthony Rakes Memorial Highway, designation - HJR 36
Veterans Memorial Highway, designate in McCreary County - SJR 109
Vulnerable users of a public roadway, penalties for serious physical injury or death of - HB 137
Walter L. Akers Memorial Bridge, designation in Floyd County - SJR 73

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