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Approval of TransCanada and Alaska oil projects, urge federal support for - SCR 273
Biomass energy facility, recovery of costs - SB 46
Cellulosic ethanol research, universities, report of - HJR 104
City natural gas distribution, extension, aquisition, condemnation - HB 27
combustion residuals, disposal, beneficial reuse, variance for - HB 223
mining, overburden disposal, requirements and prohibitions for - SB 29; HB 86
Contractees, new miner training requirements, exemption from - HB 379
Cooperatives, generation and transmission, consolidation, requirement - HB 423
large industrial consumer of, nonregulated purchases - SB 71; HB 211
renewable sources required - HB 170
efficiency in manufacturing facilities, promote the development of - HB 370
efficiency plan, urge the Energy and Environment Cabinet to develop and implement - HCR 15
Efficiency Program for State Government Buildings, definitions for - HB 288
Executive branch cabinets, aluminum smelter, negotiations, urging - HR 129
Fuel adjustment clause, prohibit use by gas-fired baseload generators - HB 110
Geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vertical closed loop well installation - HB 306; HB 306: HCS
Green schools, promoting the benefits of - HR 69
Inspectors, authorization of, Transportation Cabinet not to perform - HB 212: HFA (2),(3)
ISO, transmission costs, reimbursement for - HB 211: HCS
Kentucky reclamation guaranty fund, coal mine reclamation, performance bond pool for - HB 424
Keystone pipeline project, support - SR 274
Louisville Gas and Electric Company, consider alternative coal ash storage, urging - HR 78; HR 78: HCS
Manufactured housing, energy consumption, creation of task force on - HJR 41
Natural gas as vehicle fuel, tax incentives, safety inspections - HB 212
Nuclear power facilities, construction moratorium, removal of - HB 211: HFA (1); HB 370: SFA (1)
Petroleum storage tank program, three year extension of - HB 126
Proposed greenhouse gas new performance standard, urge EPA to withdraw - HCR 109
Public Service Commission, gender-neutral language - SB 213
Reclamation Guaranty Fund, requirements for - HB 66: SCS; HB 424: HCS
Reimbursement of utility stranded costs through certain coal severance tax revenues - HB 211: HFA (2)
second generation biofuels, research of - HJR 104: HCS
Second generation biofuels, university research efforts for - HR 168
rate tariff program for large industrial consumers of electricity, create - HB 211: HFA (5)
rate tariff program for large industrial consumers of electricity, creation of - HB 211: HFA (6)
Stranded costs, electric supplier, large consumer to reimburse - HB 211: HFA (4)
Telecommunications, basic local exchange service, local exchange carriers - HB 236
TransCanada and Alaska oil projects, approval encouraged - HR 122
Utility fuel choice, sources with wide standard price deviation prohibited - HB 363
Vehicles, natural gas, remove tax credits for - HB 212: HFA (1)

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